Friday, July 29, 2011

Palm Harbor, Predictive Index, and Psycho Babble ...Pfft

So I've spent the last couple of weeks
hitting the pavement, and trying to find a home and a job.

I cannot have a home without a job ...
you know, I have to prove income in order to be eligible
for consideration as a prospective tenant.

My freelance work
is not a legitimate job.

So, I've been looking for a legitimate job ...
and one job, in particular, was real promising.

Commission-based, Customer- driven, Direct sales.

If I just met the company's MINIMUM quota/requirement 
... of three sales per month ...
I'd be drawing an average of $7500-$9000 a month.

The job was so promising that I even began creating a blog
to boost exposure for my company, my customers, and my Self.

I had great contacts to propel me to the forefront of other applicants,
and my series of interviews were more than optimistic.

All I had to do to secure the position 
was take the "predictive index" test 
... a psychological test, of sorts ...
to see if I was driven enough, and to see 
if I had the right personality to fit the job and the team.

Here are my results of the official "Predictive Index" test.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Brooke will most strongly express the following behaviors
as a salesperson

* Relative persistence as she calmly pursues goals; 
keeps at it even when problems pop up; steady

* Somewhat casual with rules; more focused on the goal than how to get there; 
delegates some of the implementation details.

* Generally takes each day as it comes, greeting it with few worries
and a relaxed demeanor.

* Confident in her ideas and opinions; explains why "what she is selling"
is the best; unequivocal in her conviction.

* Probing, she will calmly ask broad questions
and suggest unconventional solutions.

* Calm and confident, she will guide the process 
in the way she perceives is best.

* Concise; she will speak calmly with a moderate pace
and with relaxed body language.

* Independent; she is confident in making decisions by herself
without a lot of input from others.

* Determined to win; she will be undeterred by rejection, 
failure, or criticism.

To maximize Brooke's effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction
consider providing Brooke with the following:

* Lots of room for self-expression, and for autonomy
in acting on her own ideas.

* Opportunities to solve problems, and to overcome 
challenges independently.

* An environment which is receptive to new ideas, and change,
allowing her to participate in setting goals for her work
and leaving her free to operate with freedom from
too much oversight and control.

* The opportunity to work alone,
unless she chooses otherwise.

Predicitve Summary

Brooke is independent, and individualistic in her thinking and behavior.

She has strong ideas and opinions, and expresses them 
with confidence, certainty and compassion.

Having a willingness to take risks, Brooke is likely to develop 
and act upon ideas that are distinctly new or unconventional.

This is a creative, and nonconformist, personality.

In expressing and acting upon her ideas, Brooke is determined
and persistent, and has the kind of confidence and nerve
involved in initiating innovation or change.

She is very determined and persistent, and once she sets a goal she will 
generally push hard to reach it, regardless of the goal's popularity with others.

Although sensitive, Brooke is relatively undaunted by criticisms and failures.

Dealing with people, she is frank and outspoken.

Expressing herself factually, and at times bluntly, she remains
committed to her convictions with compassion.

Patient and persevering, Brooke works at a steady, unhurried pace
at times developing new ideas which she presents 
in a self-assured and forthright manner.

She is serious and reserved; consistent and thoughtful.

Being more conceptual than detail-oriented, Brooke is fairly casual
in working with details. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So the above results from the "Predictive Index" was sent
to the company's human resource psychologist.

And this company psychologist looked over the above results, and came to 
her own professional assessment
... which is as follows:

"Brooke has a pattern that typically doesn't do well in sales.
Her strengths are that she is a good listener, and builds strong
relationships with people.  The concerns are that she
is more of a follower than a leader 
so she doesn't appear to be assertive enough
to persuade people to take action.
She is very patient, and focused on the details.
So most people with this pattern
do better with inside sales
or a more stable role than commissioned sales."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And with her prestigious, professional opinion
I was denied the job.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I share all of this with you to see
if you see what I see.

How in the hell can/did she come up with
those private interpretations
based upon the results provided? 

She seems to contradict everything the
"predictive index" provided her.

What are your objective opinions
... based solely upon the above reports, 
not upon your personal "reading" of me 
through this blog's history.

Love you all.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Howdy Friends

The past three weeks have been wonderful.

I am thankful to finally have access to a computer
so I can share some of it.

Thank you for the emails ...
thank you for the increase of Facebook friendships.

Thank you for your love and patience, and understanding.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Life is such an adventure, such a blessing.

Especially mine.

My middle miracle and I loaded a 17' truck
by ourselves on the 15th of June.

It took us all day, and we didn't get on the road
until 8:30 that night.

I had wanted to see the scenery of the beautiful drive
down, and out, of the mountains
... but, it wasn't meant to be.

I drove that big truck, exhausted, well into the night
and didn't stop until 3:30 am for a soft bed in Arkadelphia.

We allowed ourselves to sleep in, and didn't hit the road
 the next morning until 10 or so.

As soon as we crossed the Texas border, we stopped at the FIRST
mexican restaurant we saw.

And we chewed through our giggles ... savoring every bite.

I think we made it to Fort Worth around 6:00 pm.

My youngest miracle laughed and sang the whole trip.

The next day, Friday the 17th, we unloaded the 17' truck
into an all-metal storage unit surrounded by asphalt and concrete.

106 degrees, with a heat index of who knows.

We were already burnt, and sore, and whooped, from the loading
... I don't have to describe the unloading, do I?

We didn't get to a cool place, and a soft bed, until 9:30 that night.

Saturday, the 18th, I hugged my girls good-bye as they headed west to Abilene
to spend their summer with family.

Mama had a mission:
to find a home and to find a job.

Sunday I called my father to let him know how much I admired him,
and then I recuperated.

Monday, June 20th, I hit the streets ... literally.

I still had no car, but still had lots of determination.

The first place I walked into, about a half-mile from where I was staying,
I was blessed with a temp job as a waitress.

Coincidentally, they were short-staffed at a very inopportune time
... pre-scheduled parties and such ...
and me walking into the door was a blessing for them.

I smiled, within, knowing
"Who Really IS in Control of Doors."

((( smile )))

So I was thrown into the fray the following Tuesday and Wednesday ...
thankful for my past restaurant experience, and thankful for the generous tips,
and thankful for being able to lend a hand ...
and I left knowing I could stay, if I needed/wanted to.

The staff was entirely Hispanic ... most, if not all, spoke no English.

But they took me under their wing with love, and their smiles
were genuine.

Reaching all the way up to their eyes.

And they fed me well.

I have never seen such a well-run kitchen, and I've been in many.

Language was our only barrier ... shame on me for not finishing
all of my Spanish courses in college.

(Not that I really had control of that time in my life, but I digress.)

I want them to know I love them, and appreciate them ...
I think my demeanor conveyed that.

Maybe language was not so much a barrier after all.


If you want good "mescan" food, and are in Fort Worth,
go to Oscar's on Old Denton Highway.

Be patient with the staff, and their limited ability to commmunicate
... and their seeming cluelessness ...
but enjoy your meal knowing the precious people in the back
take enormous pride in cooking for you.

So ...anyway, again ...
 it is Friday, June 24th, and  I am back on the streets,
and knocking on doors.

I walked and walked and walked.

In the heat of the day.

Sometimes dressed in black slacks, and sometimes dressed in skirts.

On Thursday, June 30, I suffered a serious case of heat exhaustion.

Some say it was an actual heat stroke.

Surely, it wasn't ... but I don't know.

I don't recall much ... all I know is that I stopped sweating, and went cold,
and then I blacked out.

That's really all I remember.

I don't remember fainting, or falling, or being tended to.

I don't remember telling everyone I was okay
... really, thank you, but I am okay.

I don't remember vomiting ...
so forcefully my contact somehow managed to scratch my eyeball.

(At first I thought I had bursted a blood vessel in my eye,
but it couldn't be that since the redness has gone down ... but
the eyeball still feels bruised and tender.)

One day I walked, at best guesstimate, four miles away from my starting point
... which means, with a four mile trek BACK, it was an eight-mile day.

I blanketed, and canvassed, for a job the old-fashioned way.

And I met so many nice people.

Needless to say, I spent the next few days resting.

Actually, I am still resting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is Wednesday, July 7th.

It will take another post to cover what all has happened this past week
since the heat exhaustion incident.

I just wanted to let all of you know that we are alive, and still
facing life with optimism, and thankfulness.

As far as doors opening ...
one by one, they began flying open as soon as I quit knocking.

Or, maybe, as soon as I myself was knocked down.

I love you all.

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