Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have noticed two prominent assumptions about the world we live in: 

1) if your personal beliefs, lifestyle, or WHATEVER clashes/disagrees with another person's belief, lifestyle, or WHATEVER then you must avoid each other, fear each other and/or possibly even hate each other to establish/maintain some semblance of veiled peace ... 2) to be compassionate, friendly and loving toward someone means you must personally accept, agree and condone every single magnificent and miniscule thing that other someone believes and does. 

And my personal assumption ... nay, my personal belief ... is that these aforementioned assumptions are prominently bullshit.


  1. Been away from Blogger for a bit.... Finally got on today and caught up some & was happy to see you posting in my reading list.... It's been AGES!

    As to your belief... I agree 100%!

    Best Wishes,


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