Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rustic Rain Collection for Smaller Buildings


I loved the "daisy-chained" concepts for rain collection found HERE:


But I like the rustic look, and wondered if whiskey barrels could be used instead ... and I think they can!




  1. I like the wine barrels, not too happy with the cosmetics of the plastic barrels exposed though. I guess one could build a little fence around it or locate them in back? As for the wood barrels Id put them out front.

  2. I'd rather have the water-tight wooden barrels than the plastic ones myself as well.

    The "look" fits my preference for classy and rustic.

    Of course, the plastic ones are probably much cheaper (and easier) to acquire ... as are all things that are mass-produced.

    And, yes, I suppose a wall could be made to cosmetically hide them from view if I had no choice but to go the plastic route.

    Water is a necessity, and I must not be toooo picky.

    Sure do love those wooden barrels though ... it's a goal :)


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