Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Time to explain my absence the past three months, but first
let me say it pains me to hear about my beloved state, TEXAS, being burned ...
I have wished often that I could send some of this Ozark rain to them.

This past week, here, has been nothing BUT rain ... and a few
healthy storms, too ... with continued rain through Wednesday.

I think I've heard we've already received eight inches,
and there are flood warnings.

 I hear Texas is getting some rain right now 
... with a few storms of their own ...
and that has to be bringing a little bit of relief.

If you know me at all, or if you have been following my blog,
you know that I have a love for the homesteading life ...
and you also know that I have been knocking on all kinds of doors
with the prayer that God open the one that He wanted me to walk through.

I knocked upon Terlingua's door, the last of April 2010,
and it seemed promising, but it never fully opened, 
and since I am not one to kick a closed door down
... sigh ...

At least I got to see some of my good friends there:
including John Wells and, of course, Mr. Smith.

Does Nick still have a blog?

I knocked upon Elk City's door, in July 2010, 
and it was REAL promising 
... in fact, the door swung open after that interview ...
but, for some reason that we'll never know, 
it slammed shut in my face.


The rest of the summer I tried to maintain a good attitude,
and even began accepting the possibility 
that God didn't want me to go anywhere ... the possibility that
He must want me to stay right where I am at.

In late September/early October, I went on my "simple living adventure"
which has several postings ... and I soul-searched.

Came home, rested and restored, and began knocking on doors again.

I knocked everywhere ... Austin, Fort Worth, Tyler ... 
but not a single door budged.

I belong to a homesteading bulletin board, and have several friends there,
and found an opening for a caretaker's position on a large farm
in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I was very excited, and hopeful, and ... just WOW about it.

The owner of the property had a cabin for himself at the back half of the property,
but didn't live there full-time ... and he needed a family to move into
the main farmhouse to "care-take" the home and land.
Rent Free.
A chance to learn the life I love.
Surrounded by beauty and good people.
I prayed and prayed, and wanted it BAD.

I felt very good about it, and the interview process felt promising ...
and I continued praying about it.

My only concern was that it was so far,
but the door was opening!

There was another similar opportunity that came up on the homesteading bulletin board
... which has a large Christian membership ...
and this one was in Missouri 
... much closer to home ...
and my interest in that location was fueled by the possibility 
that my oldest miracle might transfer to a Baptist Bible College in Springfield.

So I looked into it, as well, and knocked.

Similar situation ... house for me and the girls ... 
owner works out of town a lot, and would have premises built 
in the large barn at the back of the property for himself ...
homestead lifestyle, good community, 
friendly churches for my girls to get involved with, 
transportation provided, fully furnished house ... 
no need to bring major furniture, just our personal belongings and such.
Rent Free.

Chickens, cows 
... farm-fresh eggs, butter, cheese and raw milk ... 
all kinds of furry animals, and maybe even a horse
 ... oh, the joy ...
Nani would be THRILLED.

The door in Virginia never slammed in my face,
but the Missouri door swung wide open.

And, so, I began packing and made my move in mid-January
with support from my family.

Well, most of my family ... the oldest miracles weren't ecstatic, 
as you can imagine, but that is understandable.

I was stepping out on faith ... the door opened, and I was walking through it.

The plan was to go ahead of the girls so I could get settled before they came 
... four weeks tops ...
I didn't like it, but my middle miracle begged me to let her
finish basketball season, and the timing worked for all involved.

I knew this was going to be a tough move for her 
... and I was sensitive to her, and that fact ...
this was a huge move for us all.

Many will recall the snow storms in late January and early February ...
it was BAD up here in the Ozarks, and BAD in Texas too.

That was a bump in our plans ... and so was the slow realization,
about two weeks in, that I wasn't so sure my girls would
really be welcome out there ... and too many things 
were hindering the plans and process,
and, well, it just didn't feel right.

At all.

Many times I have felt I was lured here under very false pretenses,
but I kept reminding myself that I was HERE for a reason 
... God still opened THIS door ...
and, like it or not, THIS was the hinge upon which 
the door swung open.

Although I may not understand it, right now, I have faith
I will look back upon this situation someday
and see clearly the "what and why"
of being HERE.

So, anyway, one week before the girls were set to come 
begin their own adventure in Missouri,
I rented myself another U-Haul truck on February 12th
... a much smaller one ...
and made several trips to move our belongings 
into a storage unit in the closest "big town."

To Be Continued 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. ~mc~, sorry things still aren't working out for you and that they will on the next leg of your journey. As for rain in Texas I think most of the state could use at least some. Here I still haven't seen any, but at least so far no fires in the Terlingua area.

  2. I hope everything works out for you and your girls.

  3. I think Nick has backed away from his electronic alter ego..he is showing up on other blogs and he is here in Terlingua full time...more and more people showing up and figuring it out. Justme and the Feet's are working on it.

  4. So good to hear from you... can't wait to hear "The Rest of the Story."


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