Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whirlwind Trip in Pictures: Part Two

Monday, July 26

After the interview,
the girls and I ate at the hospital cafeteria ...
The Grill at 1705.

This is not your ordinary hospital cafeteria ...
local people actually want to eat there.

The atmosphere is opulent and trendy ...
and everything is fresh made per order ...  no processed foods.

The only typical menu item was a hamburger and fries, and
a Psychedelic Chicken Sandwich ... which was a chicken breast
marinated in balsamic vinaigrette
with grilled portabella mushrooms and provolone cheese
on a toasted croissant.

Their main offerings consisted of simple meals like: 
Beef Burgundy, Beef Wellington, Chicken Cordon Bleu, 
Fajita Caesar, Rack of Lamb, Shrimp Dijonnaise Pasta, etc ...

I kid you not! 

After we ate our hospital cafeteria lunch
we spent the afternoon driving around Elk City
and looking at apartments.


Then We Went
Back to the Land


The Following Pictures Were Taken
From Within the Oval Part 


And this snapshot was taken from the road
looking toward the "oval."

Laura's Frog ... aka Prince

The Land's Sunset
As We Were Leaving
To Head Home



  1. Ok Brooke, this is my first time to your blog. I don't have a history for the land and the interview. Where is the land, are you moving and what was the interview for? That was very beautiful land and I believe if possible that is what I would like someday too.

  2. That land looks absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Frann, I don't know what happened to your "watch out for chiggers" comment.

    I clicked "approve" and it never showed up ... it just disappeared!

    Strange .......... :(

  4. Frann, I am still puzzled over WHERE your comment went ... and I cannot stop thinking about it.

    You had said something about watching for chiggers in all that grass.

    You would die if you knew that Laura, Nani and I stomped through that field as the sun was setting ... we had ran out of time, and it was getting dark fast.

    Instead of walking the perimeter of the tree line back to the car, we made the decision to cut across the field to get to the car faster.

    Nani had her little cowboy boots on, that barely covered her little shins ... Laura had on Converse sneakers with no socks ... and I had on flip-flops.

    Guess what?

    No chiggers!

    (No snakes either ... eek! ... in fact, the ONLY critter we saw was Laura's little frog.)

  5. Welcome to my little blog, Bee! Angie pops in every once in a while, too ... would love to see more of you both :)

    I first blogged about the land a few days ago, and although I have spoken of it often in other online locations it is a new topic HERE.

    You can look at my "Blog Archive" to find my recent entries, or you can look at the list of my "so-called topics" to find the entries that pertain to the land ... and I may be writing more about the land here in the future.

    This land is the last little piece of what is left of the original Crow family homestead. It is in western Oklahoma, and not far from the Texas border.

    The closest "big town" is Elk City which is about 30 miles away.

    The job interview was with the brand new hospital up there ... well, the hospital is not brand new but the building/construction is ... if that makes sense.

    I sent in my resume, focusing upon my medical background, and they called me immediately ... I will be blessed and thankful for anything just to get my foot in the door, and to help us make the transition up there!

    So, we'll see ... I'll let y'all know something as soon as I do :)

    Yes, the land really IS beautiful ... and if it is God's will, we will be homesteading on it soon.

  6. You and your husbands dreams might soon be realized.

  7. It's in God's hands ... everything is.

    Whenever I try to hold the steering wheel, I get lost :)


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