Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Update

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I apologize for the delay in posting
... we have been busy packing.

And, I have been distracted.

Judith had asked for an update on the straw bale garden experiment.

It is going, and growing, well.

I can definitely see how the plants would benefit from supplemental nitrogen.

Some of the leaves are yellowing, but
I wonder if that is because I reduced my watering 
to every other day ... in order for the bales
to dry out so they can be transported to their new home.

Here are the snapshots I took this morning.

The pumpkins, squashes, and watermelons 
... planted into the sides ...
are doing excellent.

The cantaloupes, jalapenos, and tomatoes
are all flowering, and doing awesome.

The smaller seedlings are not fairing too well
... and, like I said, it may be due to cutting back on their water.

I don't know.

I am sad to not be able to see this experiment through to the harvest
... but I hope someone benefits from it, and enjoys it.

On a different, more exciting note, we are packing.

My house is turned upside-down, and is a cluttered mess.

Yes, we are moving back to Texas.

Fort Worth, to be exact.

Where I grew up.

I anticipate another delay in posting ...
I do not have a fancy, smart phone
(only a basic texter)
and I do not like how it mobile blogs.

However, I will have tons of updates on Facebook
... so add me, if you have not already done so.

My final night in Missouri, I treated the girls and my Self
to Benita's Cafe on the Square
in downtown Alton.

Miss Field Lab loved it ... the name won her over.

*big smile*

And here is our final series of sunset shots
... from tonight's walk home.

Goodbye, Missouri ... whew.

Love you all, and hope to see y'all again real soon.

Keep us in your prayers, please.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Brilliant news about the straw bale planting :-) Thanks for the update.

    Best of luck with the move - look forward to hearing your news from Fort Worth.

  2. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I hope you find your dream place and all that that means to you. (((hugs)))


  3. Looks good! Praying for you and your journey. May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe


  4. You need to send a picture of that cafe to John Wells. Good luck on your move. I used to live just north of Ft. Worth, but now live just north of Houston. I like it down here better, I am in the piney woods.

  5. Unfortunately I don't do Facebook. Good luck on the move and welcome back to Texas. (Although it was good to get away from the DFW metroplex. ;)

  6. Thanks for the garden news even when you are so busy. Hope you can settle soon and catch your breath!
    Get ready. Texas is being hot! But you've probably been through that before. I'm not far from Abilene. And only a bit farther from Fort Worth. But no matter where you land when you get here, it will be warm.....
    Safe trip.

  7. The pictures look great, thanks for sharing.


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