Friday, March 5, 2010

If You Eat Meat, Make Sure It's Organic


For those who eat meat ... like ME ... it is important to choose grass-fed organic, if at all possible.

I'm not real big on antibiotic usage ... and, most especially, over-usage.  But, unfortunately, antibiotics are literally everywhere. 

I'll never forget reading, somewhere, that there is like over four million pounds of antibiotics  out there treating humans for various so-called illnesses ... and something like 25 million pounds of antibiotics being used in animal feedlots (and whatnot) due to filthy factory environments which would obviously breed diseases.

The connection between optimum health and abundant beneficial aerobic bacteria within a person's body is continually being revealed through research. Many diseases and health complaints such as fatigue, hormonal disturbances, foggy brain, body pain ... and the list goes on ... are associated with lack of beneficial bacteria.

Without a healthy amount of gut flora, harmful bacterial invaders (like Candida) can proliferate.  Beneficial bacteria within our bodies keep harmful anaerobic bacteria in check ... maintaining a strong immune system, digestive system, and overall health.

Antibiotics destroy BOTH good and bad bacteria ... disrupting the delicate balance of bodily bacterias ... and actually create conditions for increased aging and disease.

* Much evidence has shown that antibiotics can be harmful to humans ... especially when taken often. When food is consumed from non-organic meat farms or dairy farms, a certain amount of antibiotic is ingested at the same time.

* Experts have suggested that the overuse of antibiotics in animal feed may be the cause of human drug resistance ... and the development of new, more potent strains of bacteria that can withstand the antibiotics.

* If antibiotics cause the spread of unwanted, toxic visitors such as Candida in humans, then it stands to reason that the same problem will occur in animals. Therefore, when we consume the meat or milk from these animals, we are potentially consuming these toxins as well.

If you consume meat or milk, make sure that it is from an organic farm to avoid antibiotic residues in your food.

And then, if antibiotic over-exposure within our meats and milks are not enough ... we have to be aware of the effects of Growth Hormones.

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that essentially tell the body how to operate and are responsible for vital bodily behaviors such as breathing, intestinal peristalsis, heartbeats, etc ... even small amounts of a single hormone can cause massive changes throughout the body.

Animals, especially cattle, are routinely treated with hormones that are intended to elevate the development of lean muscle growth. These hormones contain variations of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The synthetic hormones are said to mimic the function of natural hormones.

If a small amount of these hormones can create massive changes in our own bodies, what happens when we consume animals or their milk that have additional, synthetic hormones in them?

If you are a meat eater, and milk drinker, please try to ensure that your own hormone levels remain as unaffected as possible by choosing organic.

Just something to think about ;)

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