Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All Things Work For Good ... Even Blown Tires

I knew it was going to blow at any moment ... I knew I was treading dangerously ... figuratively, and literally.

I asked for mercy, yesterday, only to have it blow up in my face today ... figuratively, and literally.

But I am not sad ... the tears from yesterday are smiles today.

I thank God I made it to the bank in time to keep the wolves away from the door, so to speak, and I thank God my daughter wasn't with me ... I thank God for CEM, and all the no-strings Love there ... I thank God for all the doors He is opening, and for all the Doors He is slamming shut ... I thank God for my Guardian Angels ... I thank God for all He is revealing ... and I thank God for His Perfect Timing.

Seriously, not only did He make a bold proclamation Himself, loud and clear, at the best most Perfect Time for a proclamation to be made ...
He helped me make a bold proclamation as well: 

I knew it was going to blow. At any moment. And I warned. And, guess what, it blew.
I knew it was dangerous. At every moment. And I warned. And, guess what, it was dangerous.

I asked for mercy, yesterday, asked for just a little bit of time ... please let me fix this tire ... and I didn't get it.

Come to find out .... had I gotten it, it would NOT have been in my best interest at all.

Instead, I got a way better mercy today ... a mercy that I can, and will, take to the bank.

And, oddly enough, the danger of a blown tire protected me from a far more dangerous danger ... a danger that I can, and will, take to the bank.

God's Timing really IS perfect ... He knows what He is doing ... All things Work for the Good, and I do mean ALL THINGS ... all things.

Give thanks to God for He is Good ... He, who alone, doeth Great Works ... His kindness shall always endure ... His mercy never fails.




  1. Who are we to question God? While I was pulling my Jeep behind my RV, the right front tire blew and I didn't know it until people started pointed and then I noticed the smoke and the trail of black behind me. I posted about it the other day. Glad it happened when we were not in it. God is good, for sure!!


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