Thursday, February 13, 2014

Were You An Accident?

I get a little uncomfortable when I hear another mother say her child was an accident. 

For many reasons.

I get even more uncomfortable when I hear others say I am an accident ... when others say WE HUMANS are an accident.

Are we really an accident? Are we an effect/error from some explosive cosmic cause?  Are we the accidental product of some circumstantial /coincidental lightening bolt that happened to hit a ball of ammonia and methane ... and resulted in some neato brown goo (well, to be fair, some hypothesize neato green slime) that gradually changed/evolved/morphed into an awesome "human form" (well, wait, to be fair, some hypothesize an awesome "ape" form) after a gazillion years baking between cracks of rocks?

I'm sure there are other far-out-dude explanations and expositions and ideas and imaginings and whatnot out there, but this is all my scatter-brained mind could recall at the moment ... remind me to tell you about my poor memory.

But I digress.

The evolving brown-goo-go-ape-shit theory  ... as a result from some accidental cosmic explosion ... will work just as well as any other. so we will go with that one.

Hmmm, okay, yeah, makes sense. I guess. Okay. I get it. I think. Kinda. Not really.

Because, you see, I wonder ....

Where did the cosmos come from that held the bowl of gassy soup? Where did the lightening bolt come from that hit the gas ball? Where did the gases come from that exploded? Where did the rocks come from that baked, and shielded, the  gooey brown sh-tuff?

Were they accidents too?

And what is a cosmos, anyway? Webster's Dictionary states: cosmos - the universe seen as a well-ordered, whole, harmonious system.

Does "well-ordered" sound accidental to you?

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