Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bad Rabbit Cafe

Terlingua Ranch is looking to find someone
to re-open the Bad Rabbit Cafe

At the moment, I have a wild hair
(pun intended)
and feel like sharing 
the "business proposal" I sent
to Terlingua Ranch a few weeks ago.   

Frank Autrey, the new general manager,
told me the TR board's president is on vacation.   

I haven't heard anything, yet,
and I may not hear anything. 

I hope I hear SOMETHING, though, 
as any kind of feedback is better than none at all. 

I would like for my friends to take the time
to read my vision, and then tell me
why it WILL work, and why it WON'T work.

This kind of "next-level brainstorm" will help me
kick my problem-solving creativity up a notch ...
for plan B, C, and/or D.

I feel this proposal can be adapted to ANY location ...
if Terlingua Ranch chooses to pass it by
for something more traditional.

And, now, here's my proposal:


Business Proposal
Brooke Crow


Statement of Purpose

This business proposal will serve as a hypothetical guide through the general description, and operational vision, of/for the restaurant at Terlingua Ranch.

Brooke Crow requests to be seriously considered for the marvelous opportunity to participate in the revival of the Terlingua Ranch Lodge and Restaurant, by submitting this proposal, and offers her vision of how she would contribute to the renewal of the interest and patronage of TR’s immediate community, its guests, and its surrounding areas.


Table of Contents

Section One: The Business

A. Description of Restaurant
B. Description of Operation
C. Description of Management
D. Description of Market
E. Description of Competition
F. Description of Revenue

Section Two: Financial Data

A. Income Projections and Percentage Breakdown

Section Three: Conclusion


Section One: The Business

A. Description of Restaurant

It is not uncommon for new owners/tenants of a formerly closed restaurant to rename their business in order to establish a clean slate, to signify a fresh start, and to eliminate the tendency for local residents (and returning guests) to have preconceived notions … positive or negative … about the new restaurant’s atmosphere/food/owners/service due to past associations with the old.

In fact it is not only common to rename, it is advised and smart.

If I were to re-open the restaurant, I would personalize it with an attention-grabbing, marketable name that has special meaning and is also fun, relevant and unique.

The name I have chosen, thanks to my father, is Mama Crow’s Ore House at Terlingua Ranch … which will naturally be shortened to The Ore House at Terlingua Ranch, or simply Terlingua’s Ore House.

If that is not attention-grabbing, fun, marketable, relevant and unique … I don’t know what is.

For the personalization aspect, I am well-known as Mama Crow.  As an avid blogger, and online forum voice for over five years, my alias is easily recognizable and has a fond following.  I interact regularly with people all over the country on homesteading forums, natural health forums, and parenting forums.  I even interact as Mama Crow with Big Bend bloggers, and am honored to hold some of them as my friends.

Plus, the proposed restaurant name personalizes Terlingua Ranch by endorsing your specific brand and location.

For the relevancy aspect, the Big Bend area has a rich history in mining. Ore is a type of rock that contains metals and minerals. Cinnabar, a dark red quartz-like stone, is a common ore for mercury ... of which Terlingua is known to have mined.

The allusions, connotations, and metaphors associated within the name Ore House are endless in its specificity, and the paradoxes will contribute to its quirky (fun) and unique ability to garner immediate attention. The name, alone, will very quickly “make a name for itself.”  One cannot say it without grinning … and shaking one’s head in amused disbelief … and the name will not easily be forgotten.  People will come just for curiosity’s sake, and to be able to say they have been there!

Of course, with a name like THAT one would expect the atmosphere to reflect the myriad of imagery it conjures in one’s mind.

I envision a dark, relaxing atmosphere with masculine dark woods, overall, and feminine touches of red and white accents.  The feel of the place would be rustic, but elegant, in its simplicity.

White plates, on dark tables, with red flowers in the center.  Large, white canvas artwork, on dark walls, with splashes of red.  A white sofa, with red pillows, in a seating nook to the side.  An ornate, dark wood, red felt pool table.  An antique piano with a white statue of Venus De Milo as a focal point.

As the madam of The Ore House, I would wear feminine dresses and I would prefer my waitresses to wear feminine dresses. Very demure; very lady-like … not immodest; nor offensive … as my own daughters will most likely be a part of this endeavor, and my own morals have lines I refuse to cross. I am actually entertaining the concept of red cotton dresses with white aprons … to further set us apart from other establishments, and to perpetuate the alluded themes.

It is imperative I create a memorable dining experience for my guests. This is more than just experiencing a pleasant meal. A memorable dining experience will leave my guests feeling like “I don’t want to go, and I want to come back.”

This feeling can be inspired in many ways, and when I am able to achieve it for the majority of my guests … I will have also created loyal fans in the process.

At The Ore House I want people to feel like family and friends visiting my home, and I want them to receive that extreme special warmth of welcoming hospitality while there.

I will teach, by example, to never look at people who dine at our restaurant as a one-time transaction, or a mere customer. Instead, I will teach the concept that these people are our guests, OUR FAMILY, and we need to build an ongoing relationship with them.

An attitude change from “customer to guest” can make a huge difference in the way people visiting our restaurant will feel.  My employees (initially my girls until we grow) will feel the difference as well.

Developing this on-going relationship, and history, with our guests will keep them wanting to come back again and again … especially when the food selection is also diverse with each subsequent visit.

All of the meals will be fresh, non-processed, and hand (home) made recipes by Mama Crow … and will be served by Mama Crow and her girls.


B. Description of Operation

The operation itself would be very simple. Especially to start. It is imperative to start slowly, and build toward expansion. The hours would be set hours. The menu would be a set menu. Weekends would be reservation only for meal, and after the meal is served, the restaurant will open to the public for billiards and music.

The guests will be permitted to bring their own beer, after-dinner liqueurs, and wine. We will provide ice buckets (if needed) and cordial/wine glasses.

A website (of which I am already designing) will be very important for potential dining guests to check into to see what will be on the upcoming menu for the weekend. A blog will be utilized for social interaction, and guests will be encouraged to send their pictures and stories of their experience at Mama Crow’s Ore House.

Guests will be allowed to call/text for information, and a Twitter site will be made available for fans/guests to follow in order to receive restaurant updates i.e. changes, closures, etc.

Our regular guests, and the local residents, will quickly know/learn “what to expect and when to expect it” from us.

At first, we would only be open for weekends. We would direct our lodge guests toward The Grub Shack and Sally’s (?) for breakfast and lunch ... unless arrangements are made in advance.

I would never turn anyone away, and if someone were to show up during “off hours” I’d invite them into the kitchen to see what we can whip up together. I’d almost always have sandwiches and soup available during the afternoon, and I would always have delicious aqua frescas and sweet/un-sweet tea available to quench thirst.

I would develop the reputation for being open to anybody and everybody regardless of “hours” … it would be like my own home, and like accommodating guests within my own home.

If I am there … the door is always open. Visit with me in the kitchen, and have a quart of iced tea, while I cook pies for the upcoming weekend fare. Help yourself to the soup simmering on the stove, and make a fold-over sandwich.

Mama Crow won’t mind.

My reasoning behind not being open, initially, for breakfast/lunch is twofold:

1) We need to start slow, and work our way up to full service capacity; and

2) We need to carefully acclimate the local business people to our presence without causing resentment, and stomping on their toes.

Local people are going to talk about the new girl and new restaurant … I want to do my part to help ensure it is good talk. I want to focus upon providing a service that is currently not available for our entire customer base, and show that we are willing to take into consideration, and work well with, surrounding pre-established food businesses.

The downfall of a lot of restaurants pertains to food … food waste, having too many choices on the menu that MUST be kept in stock, poor planning and preparation, etc … and trying to do too much too soon; over-extending.

Reservations will let me know in advance how much to prepare for, and a set menu will let me know in advance what specific ingredients I need to acquire.

If the website says I will be serving lasagna this upcoming weekend … and I have 40 reservations … I will be preparing for, shopping for ingredients, and cooking lasagna throughout the week prior.

If someone is not interested in lasagna, but sees I’ll be making a Mexican feast the next weekend … they can reserve their spot for that next weekend.

I will open the door from 6-8 Friday and Saturday night for the reservation guests, and they will be able to keep their table the entire night if they so desire. After the reserved guests have eaten, I will then “open the restaurant” to the public for entertainment hours 8-12.

Locals will soon learn that they can “party” at Mama Crow’s Ore House after 8:00 P.M. They will be encouraged to bring their instruments for impromptu jam sessions.

If someone comes in to play pool and to socialize, after meals have been served to the reservation guests, and asks if I have any food leftover from the expired dinner service … I will gladly serve hungry non-reservation guests until the food runs out.

“Find a place to sit, and make yourself at home” will be my motto.

This strategy will eliminate food waste, keep people happy, show my eagerness to oblige, and inspire voluntary “word-of-mouth” advertising.

Everything about my proposal, as you will see, is geared toward inspiring voluntary “word-of-mouth” advertising.

We need to be so accommodating, and so unique, that people will WANT to visit ... to see for themselves what everybody else is talking about.

And I am talking about people aside from our lodge guests and ranchland owners. I am talking about people from Alpine, Study Butte, Terlingua, and even Lajitas ... and beyond.

Mama Crow’s Ore House at Terlingua Ranch will become what is known as a destination restaurant … pulling people from a very wide radius … and, one of the requirements for that prestigious label is “out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-but-definitely-worth-every-mile-and-minute.”

Mama Crow’s Ore House will also work toward organizing a special event for Thanksgiving Day, and the subsequent football game that ensues. Superbowl Sunday would also have a special event to pull guests our direction. These events would require a large TV screen, but if we start small and build toward gradual expansion, we can work toward these goals.

I will discreetly pull inebriated non-lodge guests aside, upon closing time, and offer them a room to sleep off their condition … at a reduced rate if you will allow me to, and if we have availability. This offering will show sincere concern for my guests’ well-being, and will also generate income the Ranch would not otherwise have.

I will also have a few small DVD/TV combo-sets to provide for the lodge’s overnight guests, if they should want to borrow one, along with a large assortment of personal movies for them to choose from. This offering shows thoughtful consideration for guests without imposing the modernized service upon every room, and thus preserves the laidback atmosphere the lodge portrays while being as accommodating as possible.

I offer to become a loving liaison between the lodge and its guests. I will also make myself available to clean, make ready, and even help re-decorate the outdated cabins (as budget and time permits) to freshen up the rooms and to present a uniformly rustic, and elegantly simplistic, themed environment throughout the lodge’s facilities.

In order to establish and maintain this homey, and recurrent, theme that will tie the lodge and the Ore House together, Mama Crow would require living on site with her children in order to be available for the guests the majority of the time. Nothing fancy; an empty shell of a cabin will do ... maybe the cabin closest to the restaurant to serve as a buffer to late-night noise for the non-partying weekend guests … or, if a cabin is not an option, a suitable alternative nearby.   Please. I won’t be picky. It is very important for me to have my children close, and safe.


C. Description of Management

I am a devoted 40 year-old mother of three beautiful girls (ages 18, 15 and 4.)

From 2001-2005, I attended McMurry, a private Methodist university, in Abilene, Texas and pursued a double major in English and Creative Writing, and a double minor in Religion and Theatre. Despite extensive medical problems requiring three major abdominal reconstructive surgeries within two years, I maintained a 3.95 GPA and qualified for summa cum laude status.  I am a published poet, and an established Abilenian playwright. I have won awards for my art, and have had successful stage productions of my play about the disciple Peter and his tumultuous life with Jesus, from Peter’s perspective.

I have a wealth of experience, and information, from which to draw upon concerning business ventures, in general, and the hospitality & food service industry.

My father is a successful West Texas businessman; owning an advertising agency (for over 35 years) and publishing a newspaper (going on 15 years.) I have watched my father embrace risk, and wrestle it into submission, my whole life. Raised as a child to read the likes of Og Mandino, and The Magic of Thinking Big genre, I have been influenced heavily by him, and have entrepreneurial blood coursing through my veins.

My grandmother owned and operated a restaurant in Buffalo Gap, Texas for over 40 years and worked until her death last September. I learned to walk in her restaurant, and began working for my grandmother at the age of thirteen. I have invaluable experience from which to draw. My grandmother’s restaurant is still successful, and going strong, thanks to the legacy she left.

I have also had the privilege to work for/with Tom Perini, a long-time friend of my father, whose famous ranch is classified as a destination restaurant, and I have helped prepare catered meals for President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Tom was recently showcased on the Today Show for winning “The Battle of the Burgers.”

Another major influence for me are my personal friends, Laurie and her husband, at Rancho Loma … a fine cuisine “destination restaurant” out in the middle of literal nowhere. I willingly drive two hours one-way to eat/visit them without batting an eye at the distance.

My sister is a licensed Architectural & Interior Designer who partners with her husband in the custom home building business out of the Texas Hill Country. I already have access to excellent advice regarding decorative style on a budget.

I am able to design and maintain websites, and know how to utilize communication technology to benefit business.

I am a natural marketer, and I am adept in all areas of public relations.

I have dreamed of implementing THIS VERY CONCEPT for years … except I had always assumed it would be something I’d have to do from my own home, on my own property, as a B&B set-up.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my progressive vision with an established lodge.

I have a medical background; both allopathic and homeopathic. I have one year of nursing school, and several years working for an osteopathic medical doctor.

I am a student of homeopathy, and a certified holistic health nutritionist.

I love to cook, and I love to entertain.

I love to take care of people.  I love to sing.  I love to play pool.

I love homesteading and voluntary simplicity.

I love to can/preserve foods, and may consider selling some of my jellies and salsas to the public since I’ll have a commercial kitchen.

I love to make hand-milled soaps, and may consider providing the cabins with some of my little bars for a special touch ... and I will definitely consider selling them.

I love to make colloidal silver, and look forward to making Terlingua Silver.

I love my faith, and I love my God.

I think that is it, about me, in a nutshell. I could say more, but it would ruin the mystique.


D. Description of Market

The market is beyond ripe for the reopening of the Terlingua Ranch restaurant.

Successful marketing must have a USP ... a unique selling point.  I believe I have shown that we have a strong USP.

The goal of Mama Crow’s Ore House at Terlingua Ranch will be to become a refuge for hard-working, hot, and hungry guests ... and since, initially, we will only be open on the weekends, the feel/thought I would like for our establishment to subliminally portray is one of “come here to prepare, and to unwind, for next week’s battles.”

The target market will continue to be the lodge’s overnight guests, and the ranchland owners.

I would like to extend this target market to include the non-lodge tourists who are attracted to the historic-laden countryside the Big Bend region has to offer, and also to the residents of the surrounding areas.

I will pursue this desirable market through publicity in local newspapers, and word-of-mouth “gossip” … which is an invaluable marketing tool that should NEVER be taken lightly.

To extend our market even further, I will have personal online interaction with loyal guests (and future guests) through our blogs, photo galleries, Twitter updates, and our well-maintained website … along with our social networking sites (Facebook/MySpace.)

My father’s newspaper is concentrated in Texas, but has subscriptions all over the United States. He is featured regularly on Brian Sussman’s … KSFO 560 … San Francisco radio show. I have no doubt, whatsoever, we will be able to advertise in his newspaper.  And utilize his advertising agency's contacts.  For free.


E. Description of Competition

I will not be competing with immediate local establishments.  There is no need to "compete" with anybody. 

The Grub Shack will be safe. Sally’s will be safe.  They should appreciate us sending our overnight lodge guests their way, and we would appreciate them returning the favor (by recommending us to their highway travelers for evening fare) since they close by early/mid-afternoon.

The American Legion is not far up the main highway, and they offer cold beer and a pool table, but their market is completely unique to their calling and patrons. 

The immediate surrounding food businesses each fulfill their USP ... their target markets .. and have a need to continue providing their services without any real, or imagined, threat from other establishments. 

As I have shown, and will continue to show, Mama Crow's Ore House at Terlingua Ranch needs to be so accommodating, so diverse in our menu, and SO UNIQUE that there will be no competition.  None.

We won’t even be competing with Lajitas Resort.

We will set a brand-new standard, and we will not be copying anybody or competing with anybody.

If anything … people will attempt to copy us.  If they have the guts.


F. Description of Revenue

I know the closing statements in the last section sounded haughty, and over-confident.  I intended for there to be a little "shock value" with the tone. 

You will soon see that my mission/motivation is not haughty at all ... quite the opposite ... although, even I concede, it WILL take some guts. 

The people who are most successful in the business world are the ones who are willing to change with the times.

Change can be a difficult, and scary, thing for everyone during economically-challenging times … especially restaurant owners who already have odds stacked against them.

But, in order to be successful we need different actions, different resources, different thoughts and different tools.

We need to be different. Period.  This goes back to the USP ... what is going to make people WANT to come visit you?  When they have other options?

There are many, many ways to think about how guests can enjoy a memorable dining experience … and there are many, many ways to think about “how to entice them to spend their money” at your restaurant.

Once again, and this is so important, we need to be so accommodating, and so unique, that people will WANT to visit ... to see for themselves what everybody is talking about.

We need to think BIG, and our profits will meet us THERE.

I firmly believe that, and have faith in that.

And because of that firm belief ... everyone will be fed, and taken care of, at Mama Crow's Ore House.

And we will be blessed.

To whom much is given, much is required … give, and it shall be given unto you.

There will be no cash register at Mama Crow’s Ore House at Terlingua Ranch.

There will be no ticket to place on the table, with the typical, “I’ll be your cashier when you are ready.”

Each table, instead, will be given a blank index card (for written feedback) and small white envelope … and they will pay what they can, and asked to do so anonymously.

For credit/debit card payments, I will show them to my computer and they can pay from our website … discreetly.

I don’t need/want to know “George” could only afford a five dollar bill this visit, and “Fred” was moved to dole out fifty.

I don’t want/need to know that the family of five in the corner could only afford to pay $30.00 … whereas that other family, of three, paid $75.00.

There will be a drop-box for the guests to leave their envelopes.

It will be an honor system … people know it takes money to buy food, prepare food, maintain a building, pay employees, keep utilities on, and make a living to provide for a family … and I have faith people will not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Pay what you CAN.

If you can only pay five dollars, you will be fed and enjoy the same memorable dining experience as everyone else.

If you can pay more, you will be fed and enjoy the same memorable dining experience as everyone else.

Pay what you think your experience was worth … you know how much you pay to eat out elsewhere.

It will be an honor system.

And I believe … I know … it will be very successful.

The hand-written comment cards will be tacked upon the wall for future guests’ perusal … after I’ve had the time to reflect upon their comments/suggestions.


I'm leaving out the financial part  (Section Two)
because it is WAY more hypothetical than the rest of the sections.

Besides, basically, it just shows me purchasing groceries out of my own pocket,
and preparing the meals, and serving the meals. 

And then it shows a hypothetical return
IF I have a conservative average of "so many" reservations a night, per weekend ...
and IF there is a conservative average of payment per person.

Very, very hypothetical ... and THIS is probably where I'll be shot down.


Section Three: Conclusion

Although I will technically remain independent of the Terlingua Ranch organization, we are both facing equal risks while anticipating eventual rewards and success.

As Mr. Autrey said to me, "It will take some time to bring the restaurant up to where both the leasee and the Ranch will truly benefit."

However, if you accept my general proposal, we will both be blessed with immediate benefits and we will both be blessed with immediate rewards.

You will have a caring, driven, dynamic tenant on-sight to edify and promote the lodge … to clean (and possibly help re-decorate) the cabins … to make the guests feel like family … and you will also have a restaurant that is so accommodating, and so unique, that people will WANT to visit so they can see for themselves what everybody else is talking about.

And, in return, I will have a roof over my children’s heads and the means to provide food on the table for them, and an opportunity to live my dream caring for people, cooking for people, and entertaining people … in beautiful Big Bend.

And now, all of a sudden, I feel completely exposed.

With a deep sigh,
I shall hit PUBLISH POST.


  1. OMG! That's great! You do have a flair and are very eclectic! Homeopathy...we need to talk..LOL
    I think it would be great, the kids would have to take the bus all the way to town. Would the girls miss the Mall? Go for it! Will there be fried pickles??

  2. No doubt that you can and will pull it off if given the chance. Sounds very interesting, but my eyes were watering so bad before I finished reading I had to stop. I'll try to read the rest later.

    Good luck and I sure hope they give you the chance.

  3. Is it the color of my background and text that makes it difficult for you? I know we've already talked about this via email ... and so you already know most of it ... but I can send you the proposal as an attachment if it would be easier for you to read.

    Thank you for your love and support ... because of YOU I felt comfortable enough to go ahead and put it out there for the rest of my friends.

  4. FRANN:

    I also thank you for your support!

    I honestly believe I can pull it off, too ... but it is soooo very untradtional from a business standpoint, and so it is quite possible that THAT is what will eliminate me as a candidate. I hope and pray they look beyond the "norm" and see the potential I do.

    As far as the girls ... Laura won't mind the bus ride, I don't think ... and I could take her myself the days I need to get groceries for the Ore House. I am seriously considering homeschooling little Nani ... so she will always be with me. Of course, I also have to think about what she'd lose from not growing with the children at the school, and the school missing out on HER as well :)

    So that's up in the air.

    Yes, homeopathy. I am most knowledgable in Hahnemann's classic homeopathy, but have three different Materia Medicas that I refer to for remedies. I also have quite a collection of homeopathic remedies in stock. So if you have any questions, come on over :)

    And, just for you, I'll make sure I have fried pickles :)

  5. GALL BLADDER !!! I eat beets : 0,

    Oh well have you checked out the competition?


    This lady at the Grub Shak used to work at Bad Rabbit

  6. Have you ever done a gallbladder/liver flush?

    Wow. I knew there was one other candidate for the restaurant, but had no idea it was Jerry and Eva of the Grub Shack. I wish them well :)

    I just wished the ranch would let me know something ... I can handle any kind of news, but silence is cruel.

  7. You have a great plan and are very talented. Get yourself a plan B. I think you could do consignment sales with your soaps. The area has no where to buy handheld black lights to do a bed check for scorpions and they can be bought on Ebay for a coupla bucks, the area needs Tula hats!! Your a go getter..so go get em'!
    I want to set up and sell sasuage on a stick at the local rodeos and the cook-off..
    I'm just guessing about the Grub Shack..just makes sense..

  8. Thank you for your feedback, and your positive words of encouragement.

    I do have a Plan B ... and even a Plan C and D.

    My heart wants to be in Big Bend, but I may be needed elsewhere for a little while longer. Who knows?

    I've always said if it is God's will, He will open the doors ... if it is to be, it will be.

    I may be determined, by knocking on doors, but I am not one to bust them down if they remain closed.

    I am open to whatever the future has in store for me, and am quite excited and thankful.

    And, seriously, whoever gets the TR restaurant ... I truly wish them well :)

    Yum ... I love (beef) sausage on a stick! And turkey legs!

    You're a go-getter, too, my friend, so go get'em yourself :)

  9. FYI... I talked to Eva this morning and she said NO Way! They don't want any part of the Bad Rabbit and are staying with the Grub Shack.

  10. Wow. Okay so that clears that up ... thank you, Mr. Smith :)

    Now I'm wondering why, though.

    I mean, I can understand wanting to stay with The Grub Shack (they have a wonderful thing going there) ... but to be so absolute in their "NO Way!" makes me wonder what they know that I don't know.

    I think I wonder, and worry, too much :)

    And I also think I am best off maintaining the attitude of being open (and thankful) to whatever the future has in store for me.

  11. Too remote, the road is too bad for the last three miles and in bad weather is not accessible either way, too seasonable or season-unable because like the BBMI and other resorts down here the business pretty well dries up in the summer. Probably a few other reasons I didn't hear about?

    Sorry for the gloom and doom, but you might be better looking for something much closer to 118? I love your ideas, but am not sure the Bad Rabbit is worthy of them.

  12. Please don't apologize. You've always spoken the blunt truth to me, and I love you for it. I have so much to think about. Still makes me wonder why I've not heard anything at all from them.

  13. I absolutely love the concept! I've always wanted my own place (tea room, small diner...) but the cost is too prohibitive for me. Maybe catering would be more affordable...I'll have to consider that. Anyway.....I love the honor paying idea, although I'm guessing the business people wouldn't like it so much. They tend to be more comfortable with seeing definitive numbers that they can rely on. And the idea of inviting customers into the kitchen is wonderful except that I'd guess health department regulations would prohibit it. Unless you could somehow have a kitchen that opens into the dining area with a counter for the customers to sit at and chat with you. I really do LOVE your ideas, Brooke! They are creative and wonderful and it sounds like somewhere I'd like to visit!

  14. I'm smiling so much from finally seeing you here that it is going to take me a while to respond to your post. Need to let it soak in :)

  15. You have placed a lot of time and work on your Business Plan. I wish you the best and if accepted I hope you can make a go of it. What I may have missed is how much you are willing to Lease the building for? Since they have posted their Lease Agreement, are you willing to commit to a one years lease?

  16. Thank you for your input and reply. I had left out the "terms" of my proposal in this blog post ... it was very simple, really, as I was willing to make them "silent" business partners by giving them a percentage of all proceeds right off the top. No one hs contacted me at all, and I have not been informed that a lease agreement has been made public. I assume they are not interested, and that is okay, but I would have appreciated some sort of feedback.

    As far as "would I have been willing to commit to a one year's lease ... I was willing to commit my life (and my children's lives) for this endeavor :)

  17. And Nan ... you had said, "And the idea of inviting customers into the kitchen is wonderful except that I'd guess health department regulations would prohibit it."

    You are probably right ... and this is why a concept like THIS would have to be done at my own home ... more like a B&B set-up.

    If it is literally my home, then the guests of my home would be welcome anywhere ... and, to my knowledge, the health department does not get involved in B&B (private home) kitchens.

    I'm still convinced my crazy concept will be successful, and the marketing is brilliant ... especially in this unstable economy.

    I just think that it is too non-traditional for traditional-minded folks.

    However, you would also think that (as non-traditional as the Terlingua area is) that this proposal would be embraced and welcomed.

    Oh well.

    I have said all along, and I will forever maintain, that if it is God's will, it WILL be.

    I have 80 acres of raw land just waiting for me in the beautiful rolling hills of Oklahoma ... out in the middle of nowhere ... so the question is NOT whether or not I will do it, but WHERE.

    *big grin*

  18. Joe T Garcia's in Ft Worth has patrons enter through the kitchen (or it used to be that way). But if memory serves me correctly the kitchen area of the Bad Rabbit is in full view. I am sure you might do some remodeling. Only time will tell if there are other applicants. Maybe yours will be the only one and you can negotiate what you need to get the business operational. Have you thought of a menu that will work for occasional business?

  19. I love me some Joe T Garcia's ... I keep my cupboard stocked with their salsa ... yum :)

    I honestly hope there are more applicants.

    I am beginning to have sincere concern over (what seems to be) cliques, disagreements, in-fighting, and politicking within the Ranch.

    Nobody seems to get along, or agree, on anything ... and this, mind you, is just what I perceived while scanning to find information on the restaurant leasing terms (which I never found.)

    I hope I am wrong ... for if/when I make a home for my children down there, and if I am able to open the restaurant down there, I don't want to be involved (or sucked into) the negativity.

    I may already be involved (or sucked into) the negativity, and not even know it :)

    Men can handle that kind of pressure ... and some women, too ... but I can't/won't willingly put myself in that kind of position.

    I still have a whole lot to think about ... I really do appreciate the extension of ideas and support.

    And, yes, I have thought of a menu plan that will work for occasional business ... a very simple, set menu.

  20. The BOD has revised the Lease. It looks to me like it has changed from Leasing the entire Building to just the Restaurant Operations.
    Here is a link to the revised Lease:
    You will need to become a member of the forum to read it. I would also recommend emailing Paul Burger for a copy. I do not understand why it has not been placed on the POATRI website (or if its there I didn't find it.

  21. Another revision of the Lease agreement has been posted on several forums. Board Member Marbert Moore posted that you have not answered his emails.

  22. Goodness gracious.

    I signed on to the message board a couple of days ago, as suggested, and am now able to follow along ... as best as I can because it is confusing to me.

    And now I find this newest comment that Mr. Moore has emailed me, and I have not responded.

    I was not aware that Mr. Moore emailed me ... and sure enough, after digging through my inboxes, he sure did.

    I sure do have a lot of reading to comb through before I am able to respond ... but I will respond.

    Thank you, my anonymous friends, for letting me know.

  23. Oh, by the way, there is no need for you to be anonymous with me ... I won't bite ... it is safe here :)

  24. I take it, they passed!!! They've had some real winners in that place, NOT!!! I do know one thing the only way to keep people coming in is if you hire local ( Betty Crivella) she can turn any dive into a winner!!!


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