Sunday, June 27, 2010



My Baby Brother is Home

We put him on a plane headed for NYC on September 10, 2001.
He left for Europe the next morning.
He's been in Belgium ever since.
Well, Belgium and Ireland and Spain ... ever since.
I have missed him.
The  first thing  he wanted when he got off the plane yesterday
was a hamburger.
He drove by my house, and drove by
my Mom and Dad's house ...   
and went straight to the REAL thing.
This photo was taken at Perini Ranch Steakhouse
outside of our hometown, Buffalo Gap.
Thankfully, an old friend of the family
(who actually lives in Austin!)
was there to get the first snapshot of his
long-awaited homecoming.


  1. I'm so happy you're so happy for me ... love you :)

  2. I loooooove me some Bo!!! <3

  3. Hey!! Dang, Angie, so wonderful to see you!! And thank you for taking the picture!! How did you find THIS little ole blog? From Facebook?

    Thank you, Mandy :)

  4. Yeah facebook! :)

  5. MC, Hey! Welcome back to baby brother! My nephew was in Belgium and the first thing he wanted when he got stateside was some ice. Like ice in his drink.

    I was the party planner/event coordinator at Perini Ranch for a few years. How I miss the vibe of that place...

  6. Well now you know another place to find me, angie :)

    GINGER! When were you at Perini's?!? You'd have to know my family. My father was born in Buffalo Gap. My great-grandfather was the mayor of Buffalo Gap for over 20 years. My grandmother had the barBQbarn in the gap ... I could go on and on.


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