Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Gotta Be HUNGRY


Winding down DAY THREE of fast
... 69 hours ...
headache is gone, and I am HUNGRY
... speaking of which,
I have a great video to share

(Going by memory here ... fell in love with this over 15 years ago ...
was THRILLED to find a video showcasing it

If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it.
To work day and night for it.
To give up your time, your peace, and sleep for it.

If all that you dream, and scheme, is about it.
And life seems useless, and worthless, without it.

If you'll gladly sweat for it, and fret for it, and plan for it.
And lose all your terror of the opposition for it.

And if you'll simply go after that THING that you want ...
with all of your capacity, strength and sagacity ...
faith, hope, and confidence ... and stern pertinacity.

If neither cold poverty, famish, or gout ...
sickness or pain, of body and brain, can keep you away
from that thing that you want ...

If dogged and grim, you besiege and beset it,
with the help of God you’ll get it!!!!



  1. I remember when you first heard this and you walked around quoting it. You were on fire. It's not over until I win, Dad. Remember that? Do you still have the tape of that seminar?

  2. Shoot, I don't know if I still have it or not ... and if I did know, there is no telling where in the world it is. Maybe I'll come upon it while packing or unpacking.

    It's been a plum-pleasing pleasure, you hear!?


  3. Your not eating??? I once fasted for 9 HOURS!!! I'm hungry just thinking about a fast...Good video.

  4. I broke down at 75 hours, and had some tomato juice and a slice of toast ... it was wonderful, and I don't even like tomato juice.

    But now I am extremely nauseous ... and feel like I am going to throw up.

    Not sure what's wrong ... not sure if I should eat more, or if I should back off a little while longer.

    I didn't feel like this while fasting ... nor I have ever in times past ... only headaches.

    Glad you liked the video :)

  5. Clarification:

    75 hours translates into 11-ish PM ... my last real meal was Sunday.

    I didn't get nauseous right away ... but it is/was so bad it woke me up from sleep.

    I'm guzzling water now ... trying to drown the feeling. I am not hungry. Food is actually the last thing I want. Just wondering if I should or not. If that makes sense.

  6. Tomato juice is so acidic..maybe should have just had the toast.

  7. You trying to kill yourself girl?

  8. I think you are right, Frann.

    I slept all day, and feel much better.

    And no, sir, not trying to kill myself ... trying to heal myself :)


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