Thursday, June 10, 2010

God Loves Me, Huh, Mama

Monday, June 7th 

Nani (nah-knee) received her special package
from Mr. Wells
of the famed Field Lab

Nani has SLEPT with the postcard
of Benita
every single night since.
She loves her.

She dug out her brown and white spotted cow
from her deep toy box, and twirls around saying
"Benita Benita Benita. Does Benita love me?"

She loves sitting on my lap, and looking at Benita's
Facebook photo album ... she especially
loves the picture of Benita getting her hair combed.
Just giggled non-stop, she did.

Poor Benita ... the postcard is already getting worn out
from all Nani's loving these past few days.

And Nani loves, Loves, LOVES her t-shirt.
She has worn it every single day since Monday
 ... and even sleeps in it, too!

She calls the t-shirt her "Sirlingua S'prise."

I finally had to wash it yesterday (Wednesday.)
These are more pictures of her putting it back on ...
straight out of the dryer.

 Nani thinks the pale pink prayer flag in the tiny bottle
is an emergency "band-aid for boo-boos."

I tried to explain to her what it was, and she asked why
God sent her all these s'prises, and if He lived in Sirlingua.
"God loves me, huh, mama."

Thank you so much, Mr. Wells ... my little Nani is beyond thrilled,
and I am just full of hugs for you.



  1. I just saw her on Benita's page. She is a doll!

  2. Thank you ... she really is :)

  3. Yep a real cutey and you better get John to send you a few more shirts. At the rate she is going she will ware them out fast. ;)

  4. I know! Today is the first day since Monday I've been able to persuade her to wear something else .... she is not happy.


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