Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Exciting Week!

Monday, August 16, my dad
co-hosted a well-known conservative radio talk show host,
with a book on the current NY Times best-seller list,
from San Francisco,
right here in good ol' Abilene, Texas.

Sean Hannity of Fox News will be showcasing
Brian Sussman and “Climategate” 
on his evening television show August 27.

Be sure to tune in, and
remember you heard about it FIRST
on my little blog. 

I wished I had taken more pictures,
but I was tooo busy socializing.

Here is Bob Berrie, and Brian Sussman of
KSFO AM-560.

Dee Compere, a local ranch woman, and
My Dad

Might as well throw in a snapshot
of my little brother, Bo, and his friend, Kaysha.

Bob Berrie and My Dad


Tuesday and Wednesday found me
packing up my oldest miracle's bedroom ...
she is leaving home for college.


Wednesday and Thursday found me
cleaning and rearranging
everything ...
to keep my heart/mind busy,
and depression at bay.

Lindsey' room BEFORE ...

Lindsey's room AFTER ...




I "moved" Lindsey into my old room ...


Little Nani lost ANOTHER tooth this week ...
making that FOUR in a very short period of time.

Let me remind you she is only four years old,
and has now lost a total of six teeth ...
beginning at the age of three.

Here is my middle miracle
and youngest miracle
warming my heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Love y'all :)


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