Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Parakeets Have Been Bad

Holy Moly, I've got terror on my hands.

I bought my parakeets a fancy treat last week ...
some kind of peanut butter suet thingy
with lots of different seeds ...
and my blue boy tore it up so bad
that the only thing left of it
was at the bottom of the cage
where it fell through the wire grating.

They didn't even eat it ... just demolished it.

Hmmmm ... what's going on?
Blue Boy has been acting pretty weird lately.

Weird stuff like:

* Becoming an aggressor, and instigating mischief
by getting his roomate involved with his antics.

* Freaking out, and being extremely mean to me,
whenever I visited them.

At this point I realized that
he has been acting BEYOND "pretty weird" lately.

Beyond weird stuff like:

* Flirting with Chingado all the time
instead of fighting with Chingado all the time.

* Scratching around, and going in circles,
before sitting down ... ON the floor grates!

(When has he EVER sat down ... and, especially, WHEN
has he EVER sat down ON the floor grates?!?)

*Spending a whole lot of time
hiding under the food dish ...
which is a major feat
because he has to squeeze himself
to fit under there.

* Throwing a literal FIT
when I began
taking out "things" out 
so I could clean up his shredded suet mess
that fell beneath the grates
of the cage floor.

My O my ... Lookie what Mama found ... TERROR.

Holy Moly.


Blue Boy is a devil with a blue dress on!

I have no idea what we are doing, or how
we're going to do it ... but ...
we are going to have babies!!!!

Time to do some serious research ... oh boy.


  1. I beleave that both of your birds are female. The male Buggies have darker blue nostrals (the little bumps with the holes just above their beaks). One of them is old enough to lay eggs. You do not need a male for them to lay eggs. But to have fertalized eggs you have to have some romance. ie.. male companionship.

  2. Well, good grief, all this time we thought we had two males ... only to find out we have two females ... how funny!!

    She laid another one last night ... we always thought she was a "he" because her cere was white ... so white, in fact, that at times it had a tint of "blue" to it.

    But, now, the other one (the yellow/white one) ... that one has a cere that is vibrant blue/purple ... so I thought for sure it was a boy.

    I'll try to get a clearer picture of him/her for you.

    Thank you, Lou, for stopping by for a visit ... made me smile :)

  3. Shawn Rounsville BurkettAugust 27, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    Good luck getting those eggs out of there! :-}

  4. Holy Moly is right ! Same thing happened to me when I was given a "male" bird for a birthday gift so I named him Tarzan only to find eggs in the bottom of the cage a year later. Never liked that bird, though....I am a dog lover. Like Pepper! hee

  5. The same thing happened to us, when I was 14 my mother bought a parrot, a red headed amazon (aka mexican red head), this bird was about 6 months old and very wild. We assumed this bird was a male for many years, 10 years or longer, then one day "he" laid an egg, now she lays an egg every now and again, no other birds are around her, so the eggs are not fertile. Eventually the contents of the egg will dry out, you can save them if you want with no fear of them going bad, as long as it's intact, if it gets cracked while the innards are still liquid, you will need to toss it out.

    Be sure you are feeding a good quality feed with plenty of calcium, it takes a lot out of your bird to create and lay an egg. If you don't give her enough calcium, the egg shell doesn't properly form and she may become egg bound.

  6. Hello Wretha!! WOW :)

    Sorry it took a little while to respond.

    Thank you for sharing your memories, and for the tips! I've added extra calcium to their diet, and have also added (of all things) scrambled eggs with ground up eggshell.

    We have FIVE eggs now ... FIVE. I'll post pics soon.

  7. How crazy that it's so difficult to tell the males from females? I have very little experience with birds other than chickens.

  8. Hello Desert Rose! I have a lot of experience with birds, but NO experience with babies (other than the ones we rescue, and tend, until they are strong enough to make it own their own.

    I've NEVER intended to become a breeder ... if anything, I've entertained the idea of becoming a refuge/sanctuary for unwanted pet birds ... and have even started collecting material to build a large aviary in the backyard.

    ANYWAY ... here is NEW news ...

    I am positive Chingado is a male ... aside from his cere, which is bright blue/purple (and I will post pics of that) ... I caught the him and Blue Boy/Girl making love, and then a day later ANOTHER egg.

    So we now have SIX eggs ... I have taken lots of pics ... and will post later.

  9. Monday Morning:



  10. Poor thing...Birthing on a grate..Lou know's alot more about birds than I do..So the eggs are sterile...hmmm scrambled please.

  11. So if Chingado Is a male, as evidenced by romance, you should get some babies. Does that makes you a grandma?

  12. Oh, Lou, I don't know WHAT that makes me ... a sucker, maybe?



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