Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tacos de Oaxaca

Here are tonight's ingredients for supper at Mama's House.

Flat Iron Steak ... cut into thin strips 
Two Limes
Three Jalapenos
One Anaheim
One Roma Tomato
One Large Onion
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Tortillas from H-E-B

This is an Old Mexico meal ...
not New Mexican, not Tex-Mex ...
this is authentic Mexican.

Tacos de Oaxaca

(tah-cohs day wah-hah-cah)

I pre-made some rice,
and began sauteeing some onion, anaheim, and tomato.

Then I added a thin layer of rice to the sautee.

I shared more of this Old Mexican Rice recipe HERE.

I folded the rest of the rice into the sautee, generously salted the top,
and then turned off heat, and lidded, and let sit
while I finished the rest of supper.

Then I turned my attention to the meat.

Seasoned with only salt and pepper,
I browned it over high heat
in coconut oil.

Here is how to properly prepare a Oaxacan taco.

Steak on tortilla

Topped with:

Seeded and veined, diced (tiny bits) jalapeno
Fresh-Squeezed Lime
Paper Thin Slices of Onion

(Lime is critical!)

This is a cheese-less taco ... cheese is too overpowering, 
and would ruin the delicate flavors.

Ideally, this is best served on corn tortillas
softened in hot coconut oil ... but my family
prefers flour tortillas. 

I still make a few chewy corn tortillas for myself.

Here is Laura's plate:



  1. Oh my Lord in the mornin'! That looks great! Maybe you can run a restaurant up there in OK and show those Okies what authentic Mexican is all about! Buenas dias!

  2. Wow! My mouth is watering. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Buenas dias and muchos gracias, senors!

    I'm not going anywhere for a while, Andy ... all dreams are hereby shelved for the moment.


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