Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions...

I received the following poem
out of the clear blue
from a friend I have not seen
in over five years.

It's amazing what people remember of your life,
and even more amazing to find out
you impacted them enough
for them to want to reach out to you.


Disclaimer: This is the most graphic thing I have ever written. And it's really not that far. I hope you aren't offended or hurt. You've been on my mind, and I haven't been able to sleep...I think you'll understand why when you read.

A spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions...

For Brooke

You remember, don't you?
The strong metallic smell,
Your feet achingly cold on the porcelain bathroom tile,
The urge to retch when you were empty--
Heart, spirit, womb.
You remember thinking that if you pressed your thighs together tight enough
You could keep the life from seeping out.
You couldn't.
Watching blue digital numbers change effortlessly,
Tear ducts bereft of nourishing liquid,
You lay there until exhaustion came and tucked you neatly into bed
Like it would all be okay tomorrow.
It wasn't.
You remember, don't you? I know I won't forget.


This poem of hers is beyond beautiful.
There is no way in the world I could be offended.

Hurt? Yes.
But it is a painful piece.

Did it stir emotions?

Good poetry DOES that.

I had absolutely no idea
I influenced this girl
(now a woman)
in any way, let alone so much,
that would compel her
to recall
my own bloody trials ...
that would compel her
to reach out to me
amidst her own. 

She has my most heartfelt


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