Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simple Living Adventure: Fire

Everyday I would gather brush and limbs,
and try to find leftover logs
from abandoned sites.

I'd even salvage half-burned logs
from other sites
that had turned mostly into
"black charcoal."

I guess that's what it's called?

Dragging, and breaking the branches,
is how I got most of my boo-boos:

Men make it look so easy ...
placing a foot on one end, and lifting up ...
or using their knee ... 
snap, so easy.


At first, I'd just throw everything
into the pit haphazardly.

Eventually, I figured out
that there is a better way
of layering and stacking it all
for a more productive fire.

It lit easier, and burned better.

I was so proud of myself.


  1. ~mc~, us guys just make it look easy to impress you women. ;)

  2. Well, then, it works! Cause I'm impressed!

    Really. Truly.


  3. Reminds me of a certain someone who tried to "impress us girls" at the cook-off. We had no idea until the next day that he had gone and brought a still burning log to our fire, fell and messed up his knee and had debrie (sp?) blow into his eye.

    Next day when he went to seek medical help and we saw him with an eye patch and a knee brace did we finally learn the rest of the story...

    It is good to learn how to make a nice fire. Thanks for the tips.

  4. MsBelinda!! COME BACK!

    Not only do I want to find out who the certain, chivalrous person was ... it is also so good to see you here again.

    Thank you for stopping by :)

  5. Hi MC!!!

    As you know what happens in Terlingua stays in Terlingua so I am sworn to secrecy regarding this wonderful guys identity. He is such a sweetheart and we felt awful about it, but he never let on to what had just happened to him.

    Will try to stop by more often :-)

  6. Thank you. Much!

    And I understand, completely, the protocols of courtesy and respect ... especially as it pertains to Terlingua or Vegas ... heehee.

    However, the sweet scenario you've described reminds me of someone I know ... and I can see it clearly in my mind's vivid imagination ... bless his heart :)

  7. It wasn't me! I've never been to a chili cook off and besides that I only fall on BBQ pits and get big smiley face bruises on my chest.


    I can see THAT clearly in my mind's imagination, too ... that's good, real good :)

  9. I just put the long ones in the fire...when they burn through I just move them in the fire...looks sloppy but the fire is just as warm.


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