Monday, October 18, 2010

Speaking of Fire ....

Supposedly, my lost Celtic name is Aithnie.

Aithnie means 'little fire'
and is, also supposedly, an apt description
of my personality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is what it said:

You are a softly glowing ember,
still and silent
until someone (or something)
kindles your inner flame.

It is then your heat rises into fiery passion
or perhaps blazing fury.

 The fire is the fire ...and you are the channel
that determines how it will manifest.

All whose lives you touch
are attracted to your heat and light
and know that given the right fuel
you will erupt without warning
and engulf them in either pain or ecstasy.

Love and life burn within you ...
and a partner who risks the inferno
may reap the rewards of two hearts and souls
igniting as one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I don't put much stock in these silly things, at all,
but the description of "me" is interesting ...
coupled with the next supposed fact that,
as a Sag, I am a "fire sign" ...
and, well, knowing me the way I know me ...

Yes, it was fun and interesting ...
but that's about all.

THE END ... this post is up in smoke :)

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