Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Living Adventure: Sharing Her Humble Harvest With a Stranger

Her generous gift
will be documented, and preserved, forever.

She was too shy
to let me take a picture
of her full face.

I ate very well that night ...
spicy Beef Curry with steamed rice.

Thank you, ma'am.


  1. Dang that looks good. You are sure making me hungry. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I didn't have anything to say today. Had a bad week, lost a beloved, faithful, wonderful pet who took a week to die. She had been at my side for 19 years. I worked at home and she was on my lap or next to me all day long.

    I spent every minute with her, day and night, for a week trying to comfort and make it as easy for her as possible and I am quite exhausted.

  2. I am blessed, and DIZZY with glee, to have a new friend in YOU, sir ... thank you so much for coming over, and finding my little blog worthy enough for you to prop your feet up for a little while.

    However, I am sad ... and sorry ... to hear of your loss.

    I can only imagine your emotional, mental and physical exhaustion after a painful/stressful ordeal such as that.

    ((( hug )))


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