Friday, October 15, 2010

What a Sight to Wake Up To


My little brother made the front page
of the Abilene Reporter News
for last night's

I had to go online
while it's still up.

You can click on the photo
for a better look.

Trevor “T-Rev” Allen, right, performs a combination hip-hop and spoken-word song
while Brayden “To the B-Rock” Brookreson dances
to T-Rev’s rhymes
during ArtWalk on Thursday.

This month’s intergalactic-themed event
attracted visitors portraying otherworldly characters that,
although they may not have been sci-fi,
still might qualify to some degree as being “out there.”

~ ~ ~

Yeah, I'd say he's "out there" alright.

Gotta love him,
and I do.

~ ~ ~


  1. It does, doesn't it?

    For the most part, he IS a blast :)

  2. Super cool outfit for a super cool (my lands, he's a cutie!) guy. Isn't it lovely and precious to know who you are?

    Daughter #1 and Grandson #1 were there, too. Please surround them with your loving vibes. We've been out of touch for a while. All will be well.

  3. VERY WILD for Abilene!!! LOL He would sure blend in Marin County, CA with my son.

  4. That outfit is him all the way ... he really dresses like that, and pulls it off well ... living in Europe for ten years "rurnt" him ... heehee.

    And, yes, it IS very wild for Abilene ... VERY.

    And, YES, Ginger, YES ... it IS lovely and precious that we found each other in the blog world and, yet, yet have this unbreakable connection.

    I will keep your daughter and grandson in my prayers ... and you, too.


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