Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update on My Bad Birds

They have been real bad, and busy.

Started out with ( finding THREE eggs ) and
watched the number grow to five, then six,
and now seven.

Edited to add: 
Thursday, September 2, at 1:45 am

Here are the pics I took when we only had six eggs ...
listen to me ... ONLY six eggs ... oy.

Of course, the mystery and shock of all this
stems around the fact
that I thought we had two male birds.

Chingado is obviously male with his
vibrant blue/purple cere ...
I just assumed that Blue Boy was male, too,
because his/her cere was pure white ...
so pure that it has a hint of blue/grey to it.

By the way, even this picture below
doesn't do justice
to the vibrancy of Chingado's cere.

No brown ... no pink ... no tan ...
Blue Boy's cere is just white.

I guess that means FEMALE ...
well obviously it does
because we have
SEVEN eggs
that he/she guards with
his/her LIFE.

I just took this pic ...
think he/she is laying another egg ... or about to?

We'll see what the next few days have to offer.

I'm trying to figure out WHEN he/she laid the first one.
There were already three eggs when I discovered
Blue Boy wasn't a boy.

My best calculation is guessing the first egg to be
about ten days old ... especially if they lay
every other day ... which seems to be about right
judging by how he/she is spitting them out.

So we'll start looking for a baby in another ten days or so ...
let's hope he/she is through laying eggs.

I don't know HOW he/she is going to feed
all of them.

Anybody want an exclusive, special, parakeet 
from Mama Crow?

I'm going to start taking tentative orders ... 
and we'll all watch to see how this new adventure plays out.


  1. What a surprise that must have been! They are beautiful birds. We raised cockatiels when I was young. We had to take them from the mothers pretty early on due to her harmfully plucking their feathers (Mama bird was high strung) we had a hand made incubator my dad made and we never lost a baby once they made it to the incubator, we fed them ourselves. Good luck with your little guys! Sometimes whe its is their first batch of eggs, they are empty, just to pre warn

  2. Thank you for the pre-warning, and the shared experience, and for stopping by!!

    Lucas looks like such a little man on his first day of school!!

    And, yes, this whole ordeal with the birds has been quite the surprise!

  3. Holy Schmoly! What are you going to do with all of those parakeets?

  4. I guess I'll be blogging about the aviary we'll need to build .... you want one?

  5. mom, she's a girl/ not a he/she.
    only girls can lay eggs...

  6. That seems like an awful lot of eggs!

  7. Egghenge. That's what the egg arrangement looks like.

    A broken hip! I'm glad Nani's well today.

    Egghenge. What a mystery. We may never know.


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