Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creamy Chicken Curry Lo Mein

Fry cubed chicken breast in coconut oil ...
pull, and set aside.

Add the (red) curry paste 
and the (yellow) Madras Curry Powder
to the remaining coconut oil ...
according to your personal preference.

We like it pretty dadgum spicy,
so I add two heaping tablespoons of the red
and one tablespoon of the yellow.

Sometimes I add a little more CO
if it needs it.

Mash the curry into the hot oil,
and mix until "gritty smooth" like rue.

Add water ... keeping a constant stir/whisk.
I add four cups.

Simmer down to about two concentrated cups
... stirring often ...
and add can of coconut milk.

Keep simmering.

For an even creamier, and sweeter,  version, 
add  a can of
"the cream of coconut."

Start your pasta (I use fettucine)
and add large chunks of bell pepper and onion
to your curry ... re-add your chicken.

Keeping simmering the curry.

Strain pasta when it is ready,
 and toss with the curry. 

Bon Appetit!

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