Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Is Your Place of Safety

"I've sometimes wondered where the safest place in the U.S. would be.
Considering hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes, blizzards, volcanoes,
unstable economies, unstable governments, tensions rising worldwide, etc.
Now we have the border situations ..."

Above is a comment I found on an online discussion thread, and these kinds of thoughts are a concern for many. 

Natural disasters can, and will, happen anywhere and everywhere ... with increased frequencies ... as we are well aware (if we read or watch the news.)

It IS instinctive for us human beings to want to avoid harm.

Flood waters rise, and we get to higher ground.  Hurricane approaches, we scramble to evacuate.  We see a storm brewing, and we seek cover.  Tornado sirens blare, we hit the cellar or closet. 

A band of ruffians trespasses upon our property, so we rush to grab for our ammunition and guns ... if we've wisely thought in advance to acquire them ... and call for help.

No one wants to suffer pain, injury or death!

And so it is also instinctive ... for those of us watching the tumultuous national AND world events ... for us to want to prepare for AND pre-seek  "a place of safety" in the event the whole world erupts in militant chaos.

But WHERE are God's children to look?

Are we to get our minds and hearts on some means, or method, or place, of ESCAPE?  And if so, are we to focus upon a particular geographical location?

Today, unpredictable weather calamities aside, we live in the age of infrared and satellite technology ... and modern weapons. 

Helicopter gunships ... even if using the more "conventional" weapons such as cannon, machine guns and napalm ... could completely obliterate ANY place in a matter of moments.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles, intermediate-range ballistic missiles, nuclear bombs dropped by aircraft, parachute bombs, nuclear warheads in artillery shells, rocket-launched nuclear warheads from mobile, truck-mounted launchers ... these, and a host of other neat methods of delivering multi-megaton thermonuclear explosions, are in the arsenals of all modern armies.

Oh, yeah, and biological/chemical warfare ... intentional, malicioius spread of disease/pestilence ... would slowly, yet completely, exterminate ALL LIFE as well.

Do you see?

No matter WHERE a human being may be hidden upon the surface of this earth ... IF a satanically determined, and inspired, enemy SEEKS to destroy that individual (or a group of individuals) ... it will obviously REQUIRE the supernatural protection of God to save him!

The point is THIS ... there is no physical location, place, or section on this entire earth that is guaranteed SAFE.

EVERYwhere is 100% obsolete as a "place of safety" in the face of enemies ... influenced by Satan himself ... if they actively SEEK to destroy. 

But God's protection will never be obsolete!

And so this was my simple response to the above thread ...

I used to wonder where my "place of safety" should/would be ...
until I realized that I need to have the kind of faith
that believes I'll be protected wherever I am.

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With Love,
Your Faithful Prepper
(where autonomy and faith collide)

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