Friday, September 10, 2010

Sad Day For Little Nani

( She )
needs your prayers, and sweet thoughts.

What was supposed to be her annual "well baby" checkup
turned into a nightmare.

Not only did she have to get three shots ...
Mama, why do I need shots?
So you won't get sick.
But Mama, Nani never gets sick
so why do I still need shots?

And not only did she have to have blood drawn
to screen for lead exposure ...
Mama, why did they take Nani's blood?!?
I need it back!!

It seems the incident that caused her
( broken hip )
last year
possibly caused  another problem for her ...
because there is no other logical explanation for it
since she was not born with it.

My precious four year old angel has a hernia.
And she will have to undergo major surgery to repair it.

Last year, Nani's best friend in the whole wide world
(our next door neighbor's rottweiler)
was way too happy to see her playing in the front yard.

And he bulldozed her ...
hit her right off her feet and into the air.
Hard enough to break a hip.

Evidently hard enough to compromise her fascia, too.

Poor little girl :(


  1. Prayers coming now and forever, little Nani. MC, I'm so sorry this is happening. Love, light, hugs, and kisses to Nani. And to you, too, MC. Please keep us posted. Life is incredibly unfair sometimes and this is one of those times.

  2. Sorry to hear about all the bad news. I'm thinking a lot of happy thoughts for her.

  3. Thank you so much, Ginger ... I will show Nani your love, light, hugs and kisses later.

    She loves to sit on my lap at look at pictures here on the blogs ... especially Benita and Sir Lingua (Mr. Wells.)

    I will definitely keep y'all posted ... right now we don't have insurance, so that is the first thing I must do for her.

    The pedi's biggest concern is her little intestines strangulating and/or her little ovary. But she told us what to watch for. We won't hesitate to take her to the ER if it pops out and won't (go back in) reduce.

    I am just embarrassed, and overwhelmed, because I cannot believe I didn't notice this on my own baby ... how in the world could I miss it?!?

    Made me feel really bad as a mama ... to not recognize something wrong when all the little "tell-tale" signs were there.

    The doctor was manipulating (rotating) Nani's hip socket to check on her recovery ... and the blob just popped out, and Nani cried out/winced.

    Thank you, too, tffnguy ... she/we need lots of happy thoughts.

    ((( hug )))

  4. (((mc + Nani)))

    I'm saying prayers for Nani and for you, too. You are taking care of sweet Nani. We moms don't see everything, though we do see a lot.

  5. Oh, I am so sorry. It must be so scary for her. Blessings

  6. Praying for both of you for faith, courage and recovery. We need Miss FL in tip top shape. Sincerely, AV.

  7. When kids get hurt it hurts me too. I hope she gets well soon.

  8. Thank you all very much ... friends are such a blessing ... it means a lot to me and Nani.

    I applied for CHIPS last night, and it looks like it could take up to 60 days to get her covered. Meanwhile, we will watch her closely to make sure nothing bad happens between now and then.

    I will let you know when her surgery is scheduled.

  9. Hugs for both of you! Don't feel bad, kids are tougher than we think they are, she will bounce back from this, when I was very VERY young, I developed a staph infection in my hip joint, I woke up one morning screaming in pain and couldn't walk, our family doctor couldn't find anything wrong and the pain had gone away, everyone thought I was just trying to get out of school, no one would believe that I had really been in pain. Two weeks later it happened again, even worse, this time they took me to a specialist and within a few hours I was in the hospital getting mega antibiotics, a few days later I had surgery, I almost lost my leg. I remember every part of it, but honestly it made me stronger, when you feel that kind of pain, smaller boo-boos are not so bad. And I never blamed my parents (or doctor) for not believing me, I'm sure everyone felt some guilt over that!

    Enough about me, you both will get though this, kids are tough and recoup much better than we adults do. :)


  10. Thank you for the encouragement, Wretha.

    But, ouch, WOW ... how in the world does one develop a staph infection in the hip joint?!?

    I am so glad you were okay!

  11. Never did figure that one out, I just know it was bad news, I left out a lot of the gory details, suffice it to say it was nasty, painful and I had to learn how to walk all over again... of course, being a kid, I never listened (I know you have already dealt with that reality!), I wasn't supposed to put any weight on that leg, they insisted I use crutches, I threw those things away and crawled all over the place :) it didn't slow me down and this will not slow your little one down either, she is resilient and years from now, this will be just a memory.



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