Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like Peyton Manning's Team, Maybe

My Oldest Miracle Takes Good Pictures ...
September 12, 2010
Houston, Texas

Even though they didn't win,
... and even though she wasn't able to give Peyton her autograph ...
she had lots and lots of fun !!


  1. Very good pictures and pretty girl. I guess she takes after her mother. ;)

    I sure miss not being able to watch them cowboys. (Except when they are doing lousy!)

  2. I miss the Oilers. They woulda loved Reliant Stadium - the Astrodome was not a good football place. I'm glad she had a good time. Peyton and the Colts are a class act. Did Miracle #1 go to Abilene H.S.? I saw them at the Alamodome a couple of weeks ago against Belton. Herschel Sims is something. UT gets David Ash from Belton - he was something also! tffnguy, I have been a Cowboys fan thru thick 'n thin. Been kinda thin the past few years. (14)

  3. Mr. Smith ... all of my girls got their looks from me because I hardly have any left :)

    I love my Cowboys, too.

    Oh, wow, Andy ... I miss the Oilers, too ... been to many a game at the Astrodome.

    We adore Peyton ... last year, for the Superbowl, I had blue-and-white balloons and streamers everywhere, and blue-and-white poms poms, and blue-and-white cupcakes, and blue-and-white dyed hair.

    Miracle #1 went to AHS ... and grew up with a lot of the boys who took the team to the State Championship last year (also at the Alamodome.) I have tons of pics from the State game ... and will post on the anniversary this year on December 19th.

    Hershel Sims is a wonderful young man ... along with his cousin who is also on the team. A camera crew has been following him around high school campus this past week, and there will be a documentary on TV about AHS and Hershel soon.

    OH!!! AHS football game is being aired LIVE on ESPN right now ... literally.

  4. AHS Eagles win 27 to 17------EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES

  5. So...tuff saidn on John's blog and I think he's shoulod reopen the Starlight Theater!


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