Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hannebelle Loves Belle's Chicken

My nickname is Nani.

When I am in little trouble,
Mama calls me Nani Wayne.

My real name is Hanne-Belle.


When I am in big trouble,
Mama calls me Hanne-Belle Wayne.

I love to eat at Belle's Chicken House.

It is my restaurant.
My name is everywhere here.

I have my birthday parties there, and
I want my next birthday party to be there.

You can come if you want to.
I would like it.
Just tell Mama.

Here is my birthday party room.
It's even my name too ...
the John Wayne room.

They fix it up real special
for me
on my birthday.

I eat real good at Belle's.
You will, too.

If you like chicken.
I love chicken.
Do you like chicken?

The people dance a lot at Belle's.

I don't get up there, but Mama does
when it's time to do the hokey-pokey
and the YMCA. 

It makes my sisters lay their head on the table.

Here is the chicken dance.

When it is your birthday,
you have to dress up like a chicken.

They haven't made me do it before, at my other birthdays,
but Mama says they might make me when I get bigger.

I don't want to.

Somebody dropped their snowcone,
and it looked like snow on the ground.
It made me laugh.
It's too hot for snow on the ground,
but there it is!

I have so much fun at Belle's
that I get tired before everybody is ready to go home.

I love to sit on my Mama's lap.

It is real dark
when it's time to go home.
But I am real brave, and I can do tricks.

I love Belle's.

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