Tuesday, July 20, 2010

80 Acres in Oklahoma


Out in the middle of no where ... not a neighbor within a radius
of, at least, five miles.

Yellow circle is natural gas.
The forked red line is a creek.
The pink dot is a hand-dug well ... with an old windmill.

The red oval shows the clearing within the trees
that would be perfect to build a few
strawbale cabins with earthen plaster.
You cannot see into the trees
at all from the road, but
you can see the road
from within the trees ...
if that makes sense.

The red/green line is a natural rain run-off.
There is a depression in the earth at the base of this
that would be perfect to dam up for a pond. 


I am standing in the middle of the field
looking south ... to the right is the grove of trees
that has the clearing in the middle
to build within.

The lime green circle
shows where the pond
would be ... at the
base of a gorgeous tree.

The orange arrow
pointing at the top of a hill
is where an old
family cemetery is.


This picture, of a picture, shows the natural
depressions in the earth where rain
runs off and pools ... there are already natural banks on
 three sides ... wondering if a fourth side could be built up
to trap the water, and to form a natural pond.


I think a homestead-type of
off-grid life
would work here, don't you?



  1. Ah.... Don't tell me you've abandoned Terlingua dreams for Oklahoma dreams? Please tell me it isn't true! Now how in the heck am I going to get there from here to eat at your restaurant?

  2. I think it would be a perfect place for you to do your thang.

  3. I love your sites. I can see you spend a lot of time and really care about it and your lively family. God bless you. Get your new straw bale home done ASAP. I envy you. I want to build one also. Good on ya gal. Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow Brooke! That looks so perfect!!! <3 Ang

  5. Tffnguy ... I need to be trusting to the doors that open for me, as I really am not one to kick them down and force my way in if they remain closed.

    I may talk big, but I am small :)

    I recognize I need to be realistic, and not romantic, in pursuing my dreams ... Big Bend would be a dream come true, yes, FOR ME, because I so adore the area.

    But I don't just have "me" to take care of, and think about.

    I can purchase ten raw acres in the extreme desert ... or I can go somewhere that is already paid for, and is just sitting there waiting for a family to take care of again.

    I thank God for all the options ... and I pray I look closely at those options, and make the right decision for my family.

    There is a whole lot more to the story, and I may share it someday.

    But ... honestly ... if your main goal was to live off-grid, and build with your own hands your home, and strive to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, in the middle of nowhere ... what direction would you look if you were me?

  6. SMACK its now 2010==== u can have what you build but you have to build in a safe place for all!!And know there are ones out there looking for loners.

  7. Hello, thank you for your comment but I wish you would come back to explain what you mean :)

  8. I think the Oklahoma property would work wonderfully well for what you have in mind. Trees...water....natural gas...and paid for. The money you wouldn't have to spend on land would go a long way towards building, too. And, for me, I'd rather be where my family is best off, because without them I don't think I'd be happy in paradise.

  9. ((hug))

    I feel/think you are right, Nan.

    Now let's just see what doors open that direction ... knock, knock, knocking.


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