Friday, July 2, 2010

Bocephus, Boo-Boos, Peek-a-Boos, Red Hots & Red Velvet


The day started with, what I honestly feel/think, was a prospective thief
scouting out my home as a potential target.
He did not have a real reason to be knocking on my door,
and seemed uncomfortable that I answered.
Maybe it was the hand behind my back, never revealing itself, 
that made him uncomfortable ...
I don't know. 
Just hope he wasn't up to no good, is all.

Edited to add:  About a week after this happened, the local news
reported an increase of robberies in my area, and for
the public to call in suspicious activities. 

 My little brother, Bo, surprised me for a nice visit.
We spent the afternoon on the front porch
sharing the stories of the last
nine years of our lives with each other.
He also became a hero in Nani's eyes
for fixing the chain on her bike,
and in my eyes, for
running off a pit bull
that was "too interested" in Nani.

Made chicken parmigiana, and
broccoli tossed with penne, along
with warm batard bread
for supper. 

Oh! And Red Hot adorned, cream cheese icing'd,
Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert.
(Is icing'd a word? Oh well, it is now!)

Took a few snapshots of Nani's little finger
that got smashed in the car door
the other day.
She really didn't want me to, and they turned out poorly.
But you can kinda see the black nail.
I really think she might lose it :(

And here she is being shy
while I was taking pics of her hand ...
silly girl.



  1. Know how her boo boo feels... and so glad Bo is there....... love you guys..

  2. Shawn Rounsville BurkettJuly 3, 2010 at 2:31 AM

    Should have asked the guy if he was looking for work. :-)


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