Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Little Sister and Facebook :)


If any of y'all tell her I have done this ... I'll deny it until the day I die. 

(Which will be very soon if she finds out.)

So don't do it. 



So this is a little diddy about my little sister ...
and Facebook.
She's been on Facebook for well over a year.
Here is her profile picture.

This is the same profile picture
she's had since she signed up ...
like I said, over a year ago.


She is more shy than my mother and me
(put together!)
when it comes to having her photo taken.

So this profile pic is precious.

Take a good look at it, and smile ... it's okay.

See that happy grin on her face?
She was so excited to take her picture for Facebook.


So, anyway, her darling husband posts this (next) photo of her
on his own Facebook page ... captioned "My Beautiful Bride."

And she IS beautiful ... we love to see new photos of her
since it is so rare!



And here, below, are the responses
to that recent photo posting of his.


At this point, I should note
that I have ALWAYS
called my little sister "Shithead" ...
and have for over 20 years.

It is known, and is meant, to be extended
in the most loving of loving ways.
Anyone who knows us, knows this fact.

But, as you could see, my sister has clients
that she is concerned about.


We must leave a good impression ... oops, my bad ...
but I think I handled it rather well
(with that sense of humor of mine, you know)
despite the minor bristling.



Ha. Ha. Ha.

"You really must know my special sister
to appreciate her unique vocabulary
and sense of humor :)"


Yes, yes, you MUST know me ... for I AM special.

You KNOW it.

(By the way, that really was a great suggestion Dee made ...
that snapshot would make a great profile pic.)

Keep reading.



She called ME weird?
And laughed out loud at me?


At least she covered her hiney by
telling me she loved me ...


Oh yeah ... the clients might be reading ...
the whole "good impressions" thing.


What's this about profile pictures?

Oh, Brandi ... no.


How's THAT for impressions?
Oh, wait, it gets better ... beyond impressive, even.



Go ahead. 
Read it again.
The WHOLE thing. 
You know you need/want to. 
It's okay.
I understand.



 ((((( 'Nuff Said!!! ))))) 



  1. Jodie Martin CordellJuly 8, 2010 at 5:56 AM

    That's just too dang funny! LOL! ♥

  2. My oh my....... I wondered what was up with that picture.... oh boy.
    Gotta love that Brando!

  3. I have tears in my eyes..I now must take a Profile Picture..I love the literal!

  4. So your sister's a bit too literal and you are a narcissistic bitch?

  5. Well, I read it...not sure I understand...but good pics.

  6. I read it, and while nice I'm not quite understanding the super importance.

    But, nice photo.

  7. Ditto, AngieM2...

    But, lovely photo...

  8. That was a good one....

  9. Oh MY LANDS that is just TOO FUNNY!

  10. I never got the point of what ya was even talking about. Lost it some where!

  11. my oldest sister always called me Brainless (she was jealous cause my dad called me Brainy) short for Brenda

  12. my sister called me w*itch all the time and i miss it sooo much. she passed in a car wreck in '96. it's a beautiful pic of your sis and i love the profile-lol

  13. Funny, Funny!!! I missed out- never had a sister....but my 2 DD's act like you two sound!! Love it!

  14. Mama Crow, I have read your blog before and appreciate your writing talent (loved when you told of the trip with your Dad) but I don't quite follow this. Are you just letting everyone know that you love your little sis? I am feeling pretty dumb as I just don't get it.

  15. What a FUNctional family you have. Love the blog and love your dream home pics too! dp

  16. Is she serious? That's pretty funny!

  17. Thank you for ALL the comments ... each and EVERY one of them.

    My sister, to me, is adorable ... and, yes, I love her very much.

    She has a certain clueless innocence about her that is charming and hilarious ... I tried to capture that essence of hers, and wanted to share her (in all her glory) with everybody ... similar to how I am moved to share other loved ones here.

    Some got it ... and some didn't ... and that is okay.

    Pattycake: I definitely don't want anyone to feel dumb.

    If anyone should feel dumb for posting this, it should be me ... and I don't!

  18. Oh! And, YES, jokarva ... she was serious!!!

    OMGoodness, I'm laughing all over again just thinking about it ... every time I look at her happy face in that profile pic, I can't help but to re-realize she literally thought she was supposed to be taking her "profile."

    It just cracks me OUT!!

    Oh, how I love that girl :)

  19. I'm sure you are very proud of your sis. But, would you like to explain to the rest of us who don't 'get it' why we all must read this blog. Wonderful pics. Loving your sis is admirable. But?????? Something earthshattering that I'm missing here?

  20. Umm..ok I read it...not sure how folks "don't get it"

    Her sister was trying to make excuses for her ( MamaCrow's ) colorful vocabulary concerned over professionalism and all, then she goes and makes herself look like a complete idiot by insisting that her profile picture should be a picture of her profile....

  21. Great pics and posts. Thumbs up.

  22. Huge hug for Suzy ... thank you! ... I don't feel as silly now for sharing a family moment with my online friends.

    However, I will go ahead and admit, it touches me more deeply than those who really do not "know" us ... so, for that, I apologize.

    And, thank you, too ... Cornhusker!!

  23. hehehe this is funny. you did capture that description of your sister...

    you did succeed " I tried to capture that essence of hers, and wanted to share her (in all her glory) with everybody "

    love ya!

  24. Love you, too, Mandy ... thank you :)

  25. I'm just visiting, and I have to say you had me ROLLING! I am crying right now! Your sister is quite the character!

    She should always have a picture of her profile up on facebook. Maybe change it up a bit now and then so that when someone goes to her album and looks under the heading "profile pictures" there will be a variety in there! Some with ponytails and the like. haha. Too funny! Thanks for posting.

  26. Aw, thank you Erin ... thank you for laughing, thank you for understanding, thank you for visiting, and thank you for your kind words!

    Please come back to visit again :)

  27. Oh, and Erin?

    I think so too!!! I love the idea of her having an album of different profile pictures!!!

  28. I don't get it at all.. other than I am really glad she's not in my family.

    It seems that she must outshine her sister at all costs.. turns it to how she's special etc..

  29. So...was she drunk when she decided the whole world needed to read that post?

    If so, she gets points for her typing, but not much else.

  30. Weird.

    Sometimes I think blogs are nothing more than a platform for the most narcissistic and self-absorbed people to get their message (me, me, me) out to everybody. That's why I rarely read them. I'm not going to say never, because there are some that I have come across that are interesting and informative but for the most part, I find them extremely boring and self-serving.

    Hers is a perfect example.

  31. I don't understand why she posted that either but obviously it meant something to her. She's a nice enough lady on the board (she always tries to be inoffensive and helpful or conciliatory) but she's got some problems with self esteem and confidence, and also some problems at home. Something's not quite right there.

  32. I've not thought she was particularly nice...more like an ass-kissing attention whore. You're right though..something is not right with her

  33. Yeah, it's ass-kissing but I don't think she realizes that .... and she does have some serious self-esteem problems and tends to self-castigate herself and be self-effacing over things that weren't really wrong. She's what I call emotionally fragile. She looks for approval.

  34. Trippy.

    I thought these people were smart enough to catch BLATANT satire ... FUN-LOVING satire ... but obviously not, and yeah, that's trippy.

    It's disappointing, and sad, to find out some of the HT people you actually liked are really not like-worthy at all ... especially one in whom you have confided in, and respected ... very disappointing, very sad.


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