Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nani Says the Danged'est Things


So, we're at the eyeglasses shop
looking for a pair of frames
for my new glasses.

A nice gentleman is helping me ...
telling me which ones, he thinks,
looks better on my face.

Without asking for his input ... he's
just volunteering his opinion.

All of a sudden, Nani blurts,

(Oh, and by the way,
Nani never calls me Mom.
So she's exercising "grown-up talk"
by choosing this name for me.
I should have sensed the warning
that "a dandy" was coming up.)

Okay, so back to the story.

All of a sudden she blurts,
very matter-of-factly, 
"Mom. I am fixing to shit my britches."

Thankfully, the gentleman did not laugh.

"Nani Wayne! THAT is NOT nice!"

A peep, "Yes ma'am."

I squatted down, to her level,
and the gentleman tried to busy himself.

I quietly asked her,
"Do you need to doo-doo?"

And, she, not so quietly responds,
"No ma'am, not any more!
It's just tee-tee now."



  1. Well, that made MY day! Thanks for sharing! Wonder where Miss Field Lab 2010 got THAT from?

  2. How that man held it together I'll never know. Nice pic of Mr. Smith...I expect his sun tan look to be fading, lounging around in his new digs!

  3. Hello Amy! Hello Andy! Hello Fran!

    I bid thee greetings on this beautiful day.

    Andy it is so nice to see you, and I look forward to getting to know you. This blog of mine is a colorful assortment of goings-on in our daily lives.

    As far as wondering where Miss Field Lab 2010 got THAT from ... well ... okay, I'll share ... but don't tell anybody.

    Whenever I'd change all of my girls' poopy diapers ... I'd say/whisper all baby-talk sweet ... "Did you shit your britches?" in a coochy-coo voice. I guess, with Nani, she remembered ... it hasn't been too long ago that she was wearing diapers (she's only four.)

    Frann, I don't know how that man held it together either, but we exchanged a "knowing look of alarm and laughter" between us. He must have children of his own ... he responded appropriately.

  4. Oh my! You've got a live one there!!!LOL I had to read that post to my husband and now we are both laughing. Thanks!

  5. Yes'm I got a live one with Nani, for sure ... she keeps me on my toes, she does :)


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