Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rude Awakening for Nani at Joe Allen's

It's not like we've never been there before.

We love his hamburger basket ...
comes with a bowl of delicious beans
and real fried potatoes.

Nani loves the artwork there, too.

"Mama, is that Sirlingua?"

"Mama, will we see donkeys there?"

"Mama, can I have a baby donkey?"


So Nani was excited to go.

Until we walked in, and she saw THIS ...
as if seeing it for the first time
 ... through different eyes.


It really bothered her ... hurt her, even.

She loves her BENITA.


(Edited to add:)

  Here is some back-story ... for you newcomers.



  1. Nancy Schoonover HeltonJuly 3, 2010 at 10:23 PM

    Your Nani is priceless, Brooke!

  2. She reminds me of someone else I know. I felt the same way the first time I noticed mounted animal heads.

  3. Hello, Jillers! I hope she's not scarred for life ... we live in TEXAS ... you're not scarred for life, are you?

  4. Awwwww, must be it just struck her what that was on the wall! I love those photos of her though.

  5. That's exactly what happened, katlupe. She finally realized what it really WAS on the wall.

  6. I like this site and the photos. the red background stands out.The little Girl look like she was relay thinking. A penny for her thoughts.

  7. Hello Caboose ... very nice to see you. Stop by anytime. Thank you for your compliment!

    This blog of mine has evolved into a blog about Nani, and her antics, more than anything else.

    I am seriously contemplating setting up her own blog ... titled "Miss Field Lab 2010."

    She is something else; she really is.


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