Thursday, December 9, 2010

She Said "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino ..."

... to decorate our home.

(Who remembers that song?)

So I've been collecting wine bottles.
I have several in storage.

These, ten, are from, ahem, Thanksgiving ... yes,
my family had a lot to be thankful for.

My initial inspiration was to use the dark green glass
to hold, and preserve, my homemade
colloidal silver someday.

I need to get a colloidal silver generator, first,
and then that'll be another fascinating topic ...
but for now I'm thinking I will use the dark brown glass
of beer bottles for that endeavor instead.

Anyway, I remembered something I saw a couple of years ago.

Drinking glasses, aka tumblers, made out of wine bottles!

I remember trying to research how to cut the glass ...
but I seem to remember it's arduous.

I also remember something about blow-torches
and some kind of special cutter thingy
and files and vices and water
and all sorts of intimidating things.

And it all seemed so very complicated.

But now my interest has been revived, and I think
I will look back into it.

Some fancy-smancy magazine was selling a set of four
for, like, $200 or some crazy price like that.

I'm thinking they'd make great gifts ...
after my shelf is full of various sizes
for my own pleasure and use :)

My little brother is a bartender at Copper Creek
and I can get access to all kinds of bottles
of all different colors ... woo-hoo!


  1. Watch this on YouTube.

  2. Is colloidal silver the same or similar to nano silver?

  3. OMGoodness, Lou, I jumped when the end fell of in the sink!

    This video is perfect ... I think I can do that! Thank you so much for finding this for me :)

    Wow ... I could make wide bangle bracelets out of the top part ... my hand would fit through there!

    And, yes sir, Dizzy, colloidal silver is the same ... or similar ... to nano silver.

    The only difference is nano silver claims to have to the teeniest of tiniest amount of silver particles on the market ... that supposedly eliminates the "blue" effect and supposedly increases its potency.

  4. ~mc~ I think I remember hearing or seeing something like using a hot wire to cut bottoles with. Have to have a power supply to heat the wire with like a foam cutter. It heats the wire wrapped around the bottle causing it to break off smootly. Use very fine emery cloth to smooth up the edges. Ah... Maybe I dreamed that?

  5. Brooke - I have a glass cutter. Yes, t'is a bit of a hassle, but when it works, you feel like you've discovered America all over again LOL. T'is a brilliant way of re-cycling the glass bottles - did you know that you can cut the glass right at the base of the bottle and then turn it over, glue the neck section to the base, and use the whole bottle as a glass with a "stem" - like a wine glass.

    Must say, judging from your wine bottles from Thanksgiving - you're my kind of lady :-) You gonna add to your collection over Christmas LOL ???

  6. Mr. Smith, that sounds scary complicated ... but I do have a question: what is an emery cloth?

    Dani, you made me laugh out loud for real!

    My birthday is December 21st ... so I plead the Fifth ... LOL

    Seriously, though, ten bottles of wine covered eight adults for two days ... that ain't too bad.

  7. These glasses are great! We go through enough wine bottles to make enough glasses to supply the whole country with glasses! I think this could be a project my other half would enjoy.

  8. Holy Moly, a reader from Italy?

    Sarah Elizabeth, I love your cheerful response.

    There is a stereotype about Italy and their wine ... heehee ... so I bet you DO go through that many wine bottles.

    Thank you for stopping by :)

  9. Ahhh yes. A few of those bottles look familiar!


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