Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Time for Bo to Go Back to Europe

So my little brother (who has lived in Europe the past ten years) has been home for about six months now, and is ready to go back.  He is leaving in one week. 

This time he is taking his beautiful friend, Kaysha, with him.

The good news is:  he is only going back to Europe for a visit, this time, or so he says ... and he is coming back home ... to stay ... for good! 

I think.

He was only going for a "visit" when he left ten years ago .... but anyway,

Bo and Kaysha are setting up a traveling blog so they can share their wild adventures with us.

If you've been following my blog, at all, you probably have the accurate impression that my little brother is a little eccentric, and fun to be around ... never a dull moment ... uncensored ... so this ought to be fun.

Real fun.

Here is their blog ... http://bbkkadventures.blogspot.com/ ... The Adventures of Brayden and Kaysha.

Follow at your own risk, and for your own vicarious delight.

It is probably safe to assume this one will be rated PG-13 for mature content ... actually, to be safer, make that an assumptive R rating.


  1. YeeHaw! My friend, Frann, signed up to follow the circus!!

    Thank you, Frann :)

  2. Yes, Frann - it will be a circus - and most likely R rated, too! ENJOY ;)


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