Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sick Soup, and Green Chili Stew

My oldest miracle is back at home, and sick.

She finished her first semester in college today ... I guess
the nerves of final exams finally caught up with her.

She asked me, this morning, to make her some "sick soup."

This has been a special memory for my bigger girls since toddlerhood,
and it is becoming a special memory for my smallest girl now.

It's a very simple soup in a thin tomato base, and it is delicious and soothing.

Saute onion and bell pepper and diced tomatoes in a bit
of real butter or coconut oil, and then add
a large can of tomato juice, and top the pot with water.

(You don't HAVE to saute the veggies, but it does add a unique flavor.)

Salt and pepper to taste, and let slow simmer all day.

It smells wonderful.

Shortly before serving, add elbow noodles.

Nani had five bowls ... count FIVE BOWLS ... of this soup.
It's that good!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then tonight, after the house got quiet, I started a large pot
of green chili stew for tomorrow.

Two pounds of beef, browned and drained.
Two cans of Hatch green chili enchilada sauce
Fresh anaheim peppers, chopped
One large onion, chopped
six to eight large potatoes, chopped
garlic, salt, and pepper
Fill with water

(If you don't have fresh green chilies, just use three big cans of diced.)

There's a secret ingredient I also add, but I can't tell you what it is
... sorry ...
the above listing is still out-of-this-world.

(I know, I know ... LOL ... slap me)

Like I said, I started the green chili stew tonight ... and after it cools
it will go into the frig to absorb all the subtle flavors. 

In the morning, I will peel off the yucky fat layer on the top.

And then I'll season it just a little bit more
(to replace what was skimmed off with the yucky fat layer)
before I slow simmer all day.

Serve with grated cheese, chips and salsa, and warm tortillas ... yummy!


  1. I remember having Campbell's tomato soup served to me when I was sick as a child. Yours sounds much better!

  2. Well, hello, dmarie!! I love new friends, and new voices, that show up to surprise me. Thank you!

    And, yes, if I may say so myself ... it is much better :)

  3. Your daughter is lucky as it looks wonderful. I make mexican soup with chicken when I'm sick always warms and makes me feel better. Soup is wonderful!!

  4. Yes it is, Frann :)

    How are you doing? How's that knee?

  5. Oh that recipe for sick soup look yum!! Found you by way of Rhonda Jean's site. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Wish I had some of both ~mc~! sure sounds good.

  7. Welcome Stephanie! It thrills me to hear friendly new voices chiming in ... thank you for stopping by.

    Mr. Smith, someday I will cook for you ... I really hope to get back down there someday soon ... I miss you, and the exquisite beauty and peace that is there.

  8. I like a bay leaf or 2 in soups and stews. That's not your "secret ingredient" though, is it? Or bouillon cube? Bouillon was my Mom's secret ingredient in a buncha stuff. C'mon, I HAFTA know!

  9. Well, crap, if you HAVE know ... I spit in everything ... gives it a distinct, yet subtle, "umph-punch" that no one can duplicate.


  10. Yeah and the other part of the secret is that you take a swig of wine before you spit. ;)

  11. Two Precious Quotes from Nani:

    "Mama, you are a GOOD noodle cooker."

    "Mama, I just burped and the noodles popped my heart ... and it burns!"


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