Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nevermind - Blog and Name will Remain

I think the issue of wanting to start a new blog with a new name 
stems from several reasons ... probably all irrational, and silly, since I am a girl.

I've been known as "Mama Crow" online for a long time ...
goodness, going on six years now ... food forums, gardening forums,
health forums, homesteading forums, parenting forums,
political forums, religious forums, etc

And it was just easier to keep the same "username"everywhere I went
so I wouldn't get confused by having different log-ins for
all the places I went to ... to wreak my winsome havoc. 

  I have the same unique "voice" all these places but, of course, 
I have changed/grown a little over the years.

I guess I should have thought long-and-hard about what
"online name" I wanted to be known as for the rest of my life ...
I had no idea this one would "stick" so well.

I have made many friends from this online persona,
and I have made many enemies, too.

It occured to me recently how easy it is to trace this "name"
and that made me feel scared and vulnerable.

But then, what in the world am I doing sharing myself all over the Net
if I don't want to be seen and heard?

And then I thought about the irony that ... I don't mind if y'all know
where I am PHYSICALLY ... shoot, my home is open to anyone.

I'll feed anybody, and give someone a place to rest, without any thought to it.

But the realization that people can track my whereabouts
online ... "emotionally/mentally"  ... is weird.

You'll never believe that I am a private person ... never ... but I am.

I share dang-near everything ... I am an open book ... except with
those things I don't want to share.

Which are many.

I have control over what I'll share about my children, and my family,
and our homelife.

I have control over my most precious and private details, and thoughts,
for very, very few know the REAL me.

Dare I say that not many at all - even in my own family - know the real me?


Changing my blog's name, or location, won't accomplish anything but chaos.

I've had too many personal messages asking me not to change anything.

I started this blog for family.  It grew to include old friends.
And it is now growing to include new friends.

My legitimate readers (private and public) are way more important
than the few mean people that track "MC" down to harass me.

They better back off, or else I'm gonna have to sic my dogs on them.

I think all of this is just a temporary inner-struggle ...
a time to define "what" it is I am doing, and "why" I am doing it.

I suppose it bothers me that I don't have a clearly defined
subject matter or theme.  Does it bother you?

I am a passionate girl who has many interests and loves,
and I want to share them all.

I really AM a babbling brook.

If I talk about everything that fascinates me ... then I will exclude or offend
someone, somewhere.

If I talk about my beliefs and faith, then the off-gridders
will be thinking to themselves, "This is not what I signed up for." 

If I talk about my zeal for holistic health and natural healing,
then my family and friends who are conventional doctors and nurses 
will roll their eyes at my ignorant naivete and quackery.

If I talk about alternative building and composting toilets,
 and all the bonafide old-fashioned homesteading topics that intrigue me
... and so many others here ...
then my beloved Gucci-carrying, McMansion contemporaries will think
"Brooke done lost her mind, and has gone barefoot-hillbilly-redneck on us."

If I want to talk about my new haircut, or a new shade of eyeshadow,
or a new dress I bought ... then my Urban Homesteaders will wonder
"What does all this froo-froo crap have to do with
wanting to learn how to have backyard chickens in the city?"

And the minimalistic enthusiasts, of which I am one, will think to themselves,
"Hypocrite! This has nothing to do with Voluntary Simplicity!"

If I talk about my "Three Miracles" too much
... yada yada yada ...
I mean, come on, do you really care to know about my children?

Of course, my scattered family loves to read about them
 and see their photos ... but do YOU?

Yes, I am a girl ... and in typical feminine fashion,
my dreams, and passions, are many and are all over the place.

But I feel compelled to have a blog that is streamlined ...
a blog that sticks to ONE main topic.
I thought that changing to a new blog with a new name
would give me a clean slate from which to work off of.

I guess I was wrong ... y'all seem to like this one
just exactly how it is.

Can I at least change the color, again, and rearrange it a little bit? 
I love to decorate ... and make things perty :)


  1. I follow your blog and many more and I never comment. Just wanted to say hello and the only thing I can say is stay true to yourself. I like the variety of topics..its life!! It's nice to see that we are all basically the same no matter what walk of life we are from...a lot of us do have a variety of interests. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for coming out of the shadows to encourage me. I do appreciate it.

    Yes, we are all, basically, the same ... i.e human :)

  3. Just glad your staying...makes my life simpler..: )

  4. Staying made my life easier, too ... it would have been a nightmare gathering everyone back together into one place.

    I'll deal with the meanies ... I have a pretty good support system :)

  5. Your blog is streamlined and sticks to one main topic, you. Just be yourself its perfect.

  6. Thank you, both, for your vote of confidence :)

  7. Late to the party...what's new?? lol Just wanted to say, Brooke, that a person's blog is for themselves. I love reading yours. I just recently figured out that I don't keep up with my blog much because I keep thinking I have to please everyone else. I have no idea why and that's going to change.


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