Thursday, May 19, 2011

Desperate Times Call For ...

... desperate measures.

I had to leave behind my heavy, homemade steak burner know, the one from how we did supper 'round there in Texas 

But I found this little black round thing at a garage sale for real cheap, 
and set out to see if I had lost my touch.

I hadn't lost my touch.

But here is where the desperation comes in ... 
I've been craving "chinese" food.

SPICY "chinese" FOOD.


The nearest "big town" is over 30 miles away, and
I don't have a car, and, well, their "spicy chinese" is not what I'm used to anyway.

At all.

So ... desperate times call for desperate measures.

I dang-near committed blasphemy 
for a craving.

I took a perfectly great medium-rare steak
... gasp! ...
and did THIS to it.

It was delicious, by the way ... melted in my mouth.

And then I went into the kitchen, and got out my electric skillet.

And a stick of real butter.

And my curry spices.

And I melted the butter.

And then I added two pints of water to it ...
the only reason it was a "pint" is because it was the nearest thing to me:
a pint-sized Mason jar.

And then I stirred it.

Brought it to a boil, and then let it simmer for an hour or so.

And then added my steak.

And turned the heat back up to thicken the sauce.

And chopped up some fresh veggies, and started steaming the rice, 
while the beef curry did its thing.

By this time, I am getting excited.

Would you take a look at that ... if only you could smell it, too.

It was absolutely wonderful.


My mouth hadn't had HEAT like this in ages.

The girls loved it ... yes, even the Little One.

A major hit.

Thought I'd share a little side-story about a Texas gal
who, while adventuring in the Missouri Ozarks,
took a perfectly burned steak, and transformed it into
Beef Curry.

Hope you enjoyed ... we are still smiling over here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. The ability to improvise is a wonderful asset!

    I'm not as tolerant to spice as you are, but my goodness that looks delicious!!! I think it would be well worth the scorched taste buds!


  2. Sure looked good ~mc~ I'm so hungry from looking at it I'm heading south for breakfast. Too bad there isn't some place closer to get food now!

  3. Thanks for the teaser. Too bad most of your readers are so far away.

  4. Shawn via FacebookMay 19, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    Now I am hungry!

  5. Thought you liked spicy, where was the HOT Chinese mustard? I love that stuff.

  6. Y'all ALL made Mama smile ... thank you :)

    Dizzy ... OMGoodness, I LOVE the hot mustard, too ... love to breathe in through my nose when I have some in my mouth ... and the burn!? It is a GOOD burn ... love, Love, LOVE it....opens the sinuses, it does ... yeow!

  7. Boy, that looks amazing. I need curry.

  8. Jicky? When did you change your name to Jicky?

    It was amazing ... we are ready for more, already!

    Hope you are well, Desert Rose ... I hope to be in a better position, soon, to start catching up on everyone's blogs!


  9. Jicky is my IRL nickname. I'm making the move to Terlingua soon. Had lot of set-backs, but most are resolved now.


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