Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smart Mama

I'm proud of myself
... I solved a problem by using my head.

My clothes dryer got hot ... real hot.

My clothes dryer tumbled ... real good.

So why was it taking up to three hours to dry clothes?

I looked behind the machine, and the tube-thingy wasn't bent or crushed.

I shimmied the machine away from the wall, and pulled the tube-thingy off
... it was clear.

I walked outside, and checked the vent-thingy out there
... it was clear, too.

Hmmmm ... what in the world?

Think, think, think, think.

I pull the tube-thingy off the machine 
... and, lo and behold.

A bird flew into the vent, and all the way up the tube
... and built its nest IN the dryer.

Smart mama ... both of us, if I may say so.


I am loving our little adventures here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. That's some great detective work! Cute little nest - did you keep it?

  2. No ma'am, I put it back by the vent opening in hopes the mama bird will still tend to her eggs.

    I keep checking on it, but so far I've not spied the mama bird.

    I hope I didn't run/scare her off by messing with her nest :(

  3. Well done!

    Clever mama bird - a warm spot to tend her brood why she's off feeding. Hope she returns.

  4. Those eggs are hard boiled!

  5. If mama bird don't come back you may have to change your name to Mama Bird. Those eggs look to small to be crow eggs. . .(grin)

  6. Thankfully that didn't cause a fire.

  7. Unbelievable! You did good!


  8. I have to agree with Frann. Those chicks are goners.

  9. My gut tell me y'all are right ... I'm hoping they're okay :(


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