Monday, May 30, 2011

My Oldest Miracle: The World Traveler

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I finally heard from my oldest miracle today. 

I am in Laos safely :) 
I cannot even begin to describe it, but I love it here. 
This week is going to be amazing. 
 I'm so glad and thankful God allowed me to go on this trip! 
It's day one, and Laos is already impacting my life. 
I have a calling.

Praise God ... my baby is safe.

Those are the kind of  words that will bring tears to a mother's eyes ...
happy tears. 

 I am happy she has found her calling, and will pray fervently 
for God to help me support her and her dreams.

I cannot wait to hear ALL about it. 

I hope she is taking pictures.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She went to Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris
back in March.

She took a ton of pictures there.

I only have a few snapshots of that trip
... right now, anyway ...
but I will share more, when I get more.

I think it's hilariously ironic
that in March 2010, 
I was nervous about her 
... ha ha.

I love my oldest miracle very, very much.

I just want her safe
... she is still my baby girl.

I am blessed
... beyond measure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Hope she has a good time and doesn't run in to any trouble. Is she alone or with others?

  2. She is with a few others.

    It is my understanding that a couple she went with has been there before, and they brought their 9 month-old baby with them.

    So it must be safe.

    Is anywhere really "safe" anymore?

  3. How wonderful that she's getting to travel and have so many new experiences! These are days she'll remember forever!!

  4. Sounds like she now has wings :) Well done momma.


  5. How wonderful! It is hard to let them go but she will remember that you stood behind her and supported her. You are truly blessed!

  6. ((( thank you, katlupe )))

  7. Tim still talks about his missionary work even though he has had a change of heart about certain things but he loved being able to go to those places and help people. I am happy for her.


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