Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seedlings, Storms, Sunrise/Sunset, and Supper

Good Morning.

The radishes are waking up ...
I have, at last count, six of these babies yawning.

And the Bush Lake Green Beans are yawning, too.

Only two have made an appearance, so far.

The "mescan" squash is already wide, wide awake.

There are twelve of these prolific babies already stretching their limbs.

I think the Cherokee Wax Beans are fascinating.

Just three, right now.

And check out one of the sweet corn stalks.

I counted eight poking through.

This wine bottle is releasing it's soothing sips of water real slow ...
going on Day Two here.

Or is it Day Three?

Can you see the pumpkin sprouting from the SIDE of the bale?

Only these two ... no sign of the watermelons yet.

Here is a close-up of one of the pumpkins.

Here was our gloomy sunset ...

... something is/was brewing southwest of us.

Went to, to see what was going on.

The site showed a storm on the way ... sounded like chili weather to me.


And, yes, it was spicy hot
... not goulash-y ...
the way real chili is supposed to be.

Not that goulash is bad just, please, don't call it chili.


All is well here, so far ... another round is coming, I think.

Gonna go batten down the rest of the hatches.

'Night all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Wow MC - that's terrific - the straw bales seem to be working well!!!!

  2. No beans in chili here in Texas. Love your garden. How do you get the water to come out so slow? I tried to stick a bottle in a potted plant and it was empty in a minute or two. Just ran out.

  3. The sprouting babies in your bale and boozer bottle garden are really taking off! Healthy and strong starts that will eventually turn into sumptious meals. I was thinking about yall when I saw the weather radar glowing green, yellow and red up there yesterday. Meanwhile, here in SA its hot and 99% humidity w/ NO rain. Yuck.

    Thanks for sharing! Andy V

  4. Had myself a good read. Thank you! - MaryG


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