Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sign ... Should I, or Shouldn't I

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The hill we live on
is on one of the main highways out of town ...
there is a lot of traffic.

Since I have moved into this "previously abandoned" home,
and since I have been doing various things to clean it up ...
and since I have had a lot of straw bales dumped, 
and since I have lined the drainage ditch 
parallel to the road 
with those straw bales, and since
I have jabbed each one with a wine bottle ...
and since, and since, and since 
... well ...
needless to say,
I also have a lot of lookers.

This past week 
I have had five people
either stop, or just walk on over,
to find out 
"what in the world are you doing!?"

Since I am blogging this adventure, anyway, 
should I go ahead and invite the local people to check it out?

My assistant 
... today, she was Miss Spider-Girl ...
was rather bored, and I gave her a paintbrush
to let her have fun with a discarded board.

It didn't take long, at all, for me to have an idea
for some kind of sign.

I mentally struggled with which website to use ...
I would have preferred to use the blog's actual address,
but was afraid many wouldn't recognize it
for what it was.

My main site could, hopefully, direct them HERE.
Also, I figured it may be easier to recall, and search, once they got home.

What do you think?

 Should I, or shouldn't I, find a spot to put up a sign?

And, if so, should I keep this one ...
or should I use something else on the sign
to direct them to my blog?

Any ideas?

As always, I welcome private emails 
if you prefer that over public comments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


  1. Reckon directing them to your blog is the way to go - they should recognise it with the .com ending

  2. So, are you suggesting
    instead of

  3. I have wood and I have paint. Never, ever did I think to allow the Grands to paint them. What an adventure for them. TY for this tip and your site! XO, Mary

  4. Seems to me most sites that use info are spammer's sites and the like and I never go to them. I'd suggest com or net myself. I don't see why a sign like that wouldn't work. If people are curious enough they will likely check it out (If they have a computer and are online)

  5. I think you should put that sign up. The web-site tells more about you and has a link to your blog. Perfect way to get to be known in a new town. That is, if you want to be known.

  6. Either way is fine..if somebody stopped to write this down are they going to be rear-ended? The wine bottles are priceless!

  7. You are welcome, Mary ... thank you for reading my blog!

    Mr. Smith, I bought the .info domain a few years ago when it was on sale ... I will check other .com domains that will fit me.

    Thank you for your input, Dizzy ... I was leaning toward your surmisings (including the "if I really want to be known" part; which is why I posted this blog subject.)

    Frann, the highway is busy ... but not THAT busy ... still, if I have a sign at all, I'd like for it to be something easy to remember and something they can Google if need be.

    I've thought about something like "Go ahead, be nosy, Google Mama Crow" ... but, then, thought that would be rude since they don't know my personality.

  8. As always! Love it.

  9. I'm kinda like Dizzy on this one. I once gave my blog address to a co-worker. Without going into details, looking back I wished I hadn't done it. But,hey ... I'm just sayin'...

  10. Made. Me. Smile.

    I love how you end with that quip, SciFiChick :)


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