Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving/Setting the Strawbales

Finally a few days without rain.

We have had lots and lots and lots of days with rain ...
and lots and lots of flooding.

I am so glad we live on top of a hill
on the outskirt of town.

 ... a rare day of sun ...
and the girls and I discussed 
where the best location
would be.

Many people assume I lined the drainage ditch 
to help keep the excess rainwaters
from seeping toward the house 
... and, yes, they did help with that for we had five more days of rain after delivery ...
 but we are going to use the straw bales for a garden.

We decided to line the edge of the drainage ditch
(parallel to the road) 
there are so many trees on the property
that THAT area is the only area
that gets full sun.

Or, at least, that is what I am thinking ... the trees are not yet 
fully leafed out, so I am hoping 
that area will continue to receive full sun.

Strange to have a garden in your front yard, I know,
but having a garden in strawbales is strange, too.

But the concept is catching on ... hey, 
I'm giving it a whirl, aren't I?

I am so excited.

All the rain was good for the bales ... 
they have been able to get completely soaked.

The next step was to let them "cook" for ten days or so.

I think I am on Strawbale Cooking Day #13 
so they ought to be good, and ready, for planting by now.

The front of the house faces north ...
the top of the hill is due west ...
the back of the house (south) is solid shade,
and so is the east side.

Lining the drainage ditch
in front of my house
was really my only option ...
I think.

 Oh, and here is my little helper ...
or, one of them.

She is so proud of herself, and
I am proud of her, too :)


  1. I will be watching your straw bale garden grow. How many neutriants do you need to add?

  2. Nani looks happy..that is almost a full out smile for her.She is getting BIG!.I look forward to your garden.

  3. Hello Dizzy! I will watching my garden grow, too, I hope!! I only add urine.

    ((( Hello Frann! )))

    Nani is very happy here ... everyday is an adventure for her.


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