Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Give'em Something to Talk About

As if I haven't already given Alton, Missouri something to talk about 
... LOL ...
you know how small towns are ... shoot, I'm from one myself.

Anyway, I found a use for my wine bottles ...

... and it's not going to be for making neato tumblers, either.

At least, not any time soon.

Instead, I am going to use them 
for "waterers" in the straw bale garden.

Just fill them up with water, and turn them upside-down real quick,
and stuff them in the bale.

They slowly release water ... and if placed correctly,
it will directly reach the roots.


  1. R Martinez via FacebookMay 16, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    Drink beer.

  2. You will be causing wrecks on the road!

  3. You use wine bottles and so does Oldfool. I don't have any so tried a softdrink bottle and it didn't work. It let the water out too fast. What is the secret, the long skinny neck?

  4. LOL! At this rate folks driving by *might* start putting AA pamplets/cards in your mail box......Depending on the number of bottles, you may get scheduled for an intervention :-)

    Very cool idea though.... I've wanted to do a garden for a while, but I'm a killer of vegetation so I read about others gardens instead...Really thought about trying a small garden this year, but decided not to due to the horrible drought we're in. :-(

    Are you missing Texas at all? I'm loving all the greenery in the background of your pictures!

  5. Oh, goodness, YES I miss Texas very much.

    I miss the "attitude" and the "bigness" of the people more than anything ... well, that, and the FOOD.

    It is beautiful here ... very beautiful ... and the adventure is wonderful.

    But that is all this is ... an adventure.

    Texas is in my blood, and will always be HOME ... and I WILL BE BACK.

  6. Well I believe I recognize a few of those bottles!


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